Skyscraper Technique: A Comprehensive Guide to Boosting Productivity

This guide will walk you through the essential elements of using skyscraper technique - the productivity method to keep your team productive and engaged.

Lark Editor TeamLark Editor Team | 2023/12/20
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In today's fast-paced and competitive world, maximizing productivity is a key focus for professionals across various industries. One popular method for enhancing productivity is the skyscraper technique. This article will delve into the skyscraper technique, exploring its origins, who can benefit from it, its advantages and disadvantages, how to get started, actionable tips, do's and dont's, a step-by-step guide, and frequently asked questions.

What is Skyscraper Technique?

The skyscraper technique is a productivity strategy that involves identifying successful content in your niche, creating something better, and then reaching out to the right people to promote it. It originated in the field of digital marketing and content creation, but its principles can be applied to various aspects of personal and professional life to achieve increased efficiency and success.

Enhancing Productivity through the Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is geared towards enhancing productivity by focusing on the following principles:

  • Identifying top-performing content
  • Improving upon existing ideas
  • Strategic promotion and outreach

The approach can be tailored to fit individual workflow and objectives, making it a versatile strategy applicable in diverse scenarios.

What is the Origin of Skyscraper Technique?

The skyscraper technique was coined and popularized by renowned digital marketing expert, Brian Dean. It draws inspiration from the architectural concept of building something bigger and better, extending its application beyond content creation to encompass productivity and goal achievement.

Brian Dean and the Skyscraper Technique

Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, introduced the skyscraper technique as a content marketing strategy to create exceptional content that stands out in saturated markets. His approach advocates for content creators to identify successful pieces within their niche, develop improved versions, and amplify their content through targeted outreach.

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Who is Skyscraper Technique for?

The skyscraper technique is designed for individuals and professionals aiming to enhance their output, whether in the realm of content creation, project management, or personal goal setting. It offers a structured approach for improving productivity levels and achieving better results.

Applicability of Skyscraper Technique Across Domains

  • Content Creators: Writers, bloggers, and marketers can leverage the skyscraper technique to elevate the quality and visibility of their content.
  • Project Managers: Professionals overseeing complex projects can employ the skyscraper technique to optimize workflows and deliver exceptional results.
  • Entrepreneurs and Innovators: Those striving for success in competitive markets can benefit from implementing the skyscraper technique to outperform existing standards.

Pros and Cons of Skyscraper Technique

When considering the skyscraper technique, it is essential to weigh its advantages and disadvantages to make an informed decision about its implementation.


  • Enhanced Quality: The technique fosters the creation of superior content and output.
  • Competitive Edge: It enables individuals to surpass existing benchmarks in their respective fields.
  • Structured Approach: The method offers a clear framework for achieving productivity goals.


  • Resource-Intensive: Implementing the skyscraper technique may require substantial time and effort.
  • Requires Skill: Successful execution demands proficiency in content creation, outreach, and promotion strategies.

How to Get Started with Skyscraper Technique?

Identifying Your Starting Point

To embark on the skyscraper technique journey, begin by identifying the type of content or project for which you want to apply this strategy. Research and analyze existing materials to uncover areas for improvement.

Creating Exceptional Content

Once you have chosen your target, focus on developing superior content that adds significant value and addresses the limitations of existing materials. Incorporate compelling visuals, data-driven insights, and clear messaging to make the content irresistible.

Strategic Outreach and Promotion

After creating your improved content, the next step is to devise a targeted approach for promoting it. Identify influential figures or platforms within your network, and craft personalized outreach to amplify the visibility and reach of your content.

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Actionable Tips for Skyscraper Technique

Refine Your Content Ideation Process

When applying the skyscraper technique, refine your approach to generating content ideas. Ensure that each idea is thoroughly researched, addresses a specific need, and has the potential for significant impact.

Collaborate with Experts

Engage with industry experts or influencers to collaborate on your improved content. Their involvement can lend credibility and amplification to your efforts through their networks.

Setting Realistic Goals and Milestones

Establish clear and achievable goals for your skyscraper projects, and track your progress using meaningful milestones. This approach will help maintain focus and motivation throughout the process.

Do's and Don'ts

The following table outlines the key do's and don'ts to consider when implementing the skyscraper technique:

Thoroughly research existing contentDon't rush through the content improvement process
Strategically plan content promotionAvoid neglecting the value of visual elements
Engage with relevant industry peersDon't overlook the importance of personalized outreach


The skyscraper technique presents a powerful strategy for enhancing productivity and achieving outstanding results. By harnessing its principles, individuals in a myriad of fields can elevate their content, projects, and personal goals to new heights.

Step-by-Step Guide for Skyscraper Technique

Begin by thoroughly researching and analyzing the existing content or projects in your chosen domain. Identify areas of improvement and formulate a clear vision for your enhanced output.

Utilize your findings to develop exceptional content or projects that surpass the existing standards. Incorporate innovative elements and compelling features to captivate your audience.

Devise a strategic plan for outreach and promotion, ensuring that your improved content reaches the right audience. Leverage personalization and targeted approaches to maximize impact.

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The skyscraper technique is well-suited for a wide range of content, including articles, infographics, videos, and research papers. It can be adapted to various formats to improve their quality and impact.

The timeline for observing results from the skyscraper technique can vary based on factors such as the industry, outreach efforts, and the quality of the improved content. Generally, consistent implementation yields noticeable results over several weeks to months.

Certainly! The principles of the skyscraper technique can be applied to personal productivity endeavors such as goal setting, skill development, and project execution. It offers a structured approach to elevate individual performance.

Key metrics include engagement levels, organic traffic growth, backlink acquisition, and overall visibility of the improved content or projects. These metrics indicate the impact and effectiveness of the skyscraper technique.

Sustained success with the skyscraper technique is attainable through continuous refinement and innovation. Regularly revisiting and enhancing your content or projects to outperform existing standards is essential for long-term success.

By following the skyscraper technique, individuals and professionals can elevate their productivity, enhance the quality of their output, and outperform existing standards within their respective domains. Whether it's content creation, project management, or personal goal setting, the principles of the skyscraper technique offer a systematic and effective approach to achieving exceptional results.

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