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Lark Gives Indonesian MedTech Platform, KlikDokter a Collaboration Booster Shot

For Indonesia-based KlikDokter, a pioneering telemedicine business, Lark’s ability to recreate the collaboration benefits of the physical office, online and on any device allow the company to serve the medical needs of its varied customers during even the most trying times.

Nathaniel Adi Putra

VP, Market Access

"Lark has brought a dynamism to our collaboration that older apps simply can’t match. We love the fact that all our team productivity needs are handled by a single platform. We look forward to growing with Lark and are excited to try more advanced features."

Company Profile

Part of Kalbe Farma's family, KlikDokter is a digital healthcare platform offering a full suite of health-related services and products in Indonesia. KlikDokter was founded on a simple, yet revolutionary idea: that everyone in Indonesia should have access to the best healthcare.



Company Size




The Challenge

In the beginning, KlikDokter used a lot of off-the-shelf third-party communication and collaboration tools like WhatsApp and Gsuite.

As the company continued to grow to offer more services across more communities, there came the need to coordinate more efficiently with teams across the value chain.

Add to this the unique challenges of the pandemic driving 95% of KlikDokter’s staff to work from home and it became evident to company management that a more effective workforce collaboration and communication platform was needed.

The Lark Advantage

For KlikDokter, Lark’s comprehensive suite of collaboration tools allowed the company to engage better with internal stakeholders across the value chain.

In particular, Lark’s all in one design meant that remote work could be conducted with none of the usual drawbacks.

Lark brought a dynamism to the team that older, first generation collaboration apps could not achieve.

KlikDokter’s teams, especially those out in the field were able to use Lark’s messenger and video conferencing features to work closer with other teams.

The company has since expanded to use more advanced lark features such as Approvals.

The Result

  • Lark has become the default communication and collaboration platform for the whole company.

  • Remote workers are able to collaborate better, especially when in the field.

  • KlikDokter uses Lark’s Google Analytics Connecter to engage better with their customers.

  • Lark Approvals has helped the company shave off significant man hours and improve efficiency.

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Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.

Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.


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Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.