Lark Moments: 3 creative ways to boost employee engagement and productivity

Lark Moments: 3 creative ways to boost employee engagement and productivity

Portrait of Jessica Lark's Author
Portrait of Jessica Lark's Author

Jessica O

July 11, 2023


Jul 11, 2023


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Group of joyful employees celebrating success
Group of joyful employees celebrating success
Group of joyful employees celebrating success
Group of joyful employees celebrating success

Employee engagement is a pressing concern for companies today. When employees feel disconnected and disengaged, it negatively impacts productivity and overall satisfaction. According to a global survey by Gallup, only 23% of employees worldwide feel engaged at work.

In response, forward-thinking companies are embracing innovative approaches to boost morale and keep their employees happy. One powerful tool that has proven effective is Lark Moments. In this blog post, we explore three inspiring ways in which companies have harnessed the power of Lark Moments to transform employee engagement.

Lark for retail: strengthening bonds and celebrating achievements

Revolutionizing employee engagement, a leading retail company utilized Lark Moments to recognize the hard work of their store assistants while fostering a sense of community. They introduced the "longest receipt challenge" where employees shared pictures of the lengthiest receipts they processed, competing for recognition and exciting prizes. This innovative initiative not only deepened the connection between frontliners and the company but also significantly reduced employee turnover. Despite the contest ending some time ago, the tradition lives on, continuing to inspire and unite the team.

Lark for F&B: transforming feedback into exceptional customer experiences

A restaurant company faced a challenge in effectively managing customer feedback using a personal chat platform, resulting in missed issues and dissatisfied customers. Determined to turn the tide, they embraced Lark Moments, empowering store managers to post both positive and negative feedback on the platform. The CEO diligently reviewed the feedback daily, acknowledging it with an emoji and tagging the necessary individuals to address or collaborate on resolving the issues. This transformative process enabled store managers to enhance their customer service skills and learn from other stores, leading to a remarkable increase in customer satisfaction. By actively engaging with feedback, the CEO conveyed a profound sense of value and respect to employees, fostering high morale and unwavering commitment.

Lark for employee feedback & Q&As: unleashing the power of open communication

To promote open dialogue and enhance employee engagement, companies can leverage the anonymous posting feature in Lark Moments, creating a secure space for employees to ask questions and share feedback. For instance, a company can host a monthly "Ask Me Anything" session with the CEO or another senior leader, allowing employees to submit questions anonymously and facilitating candid conversations. This transparent approach breaks down communication barriers, cultivates a connected and engaged workforce, and nurtures a culture of collaboration.


Employee engagement has evolved from being solely an HR concern to a vital component of an organization's overarching strategy. Offering competitive salaries alone is no longer enough to attract and retain top talent. To truly ignite employee engagement, companies must embrace innovative solutions like Lark Moments. By harnessing the power of Lark Moments, companies create a vibrant sense of community, facilitate seamless communication, and establish a safe platform for employees to express their thoughts. This cultivates a highly engaged and connected workforce, ultimately driving productivity and achieving remarkable success.

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