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How POP MART Manages 300 Store Inspections & Cuts R&D Lead Time by 70%

POP MART has strategically developed a comprehensive multi-channel sales network that includes both offline stores and online e-commerce platforms. To navigate the evolving business landscape and market challenges effectively, the company leverages Lark for streamlined online store management and efficient product R&D coordination. This approach ensures that POP MART remains agile and responsive to market demands, maintaining its competitive edge.


Si De

Chief Operating Officer

Lark stands out as an exceptionally integrated organizational tool, enhancing communication and collaboration while adapting business processes to suit the dynamic needs of companies targeting the youth market.


Company Profile

Established in 2010, Beijing's POP MART Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. reigns as China's premier trendsetting cultural entertainment powerhouse. With a sprawling global footprint encompassing over 25 countries and regions, including South Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Thailand, it has captivated tens of millions of fans worldwide. By the close of 2023, POP MART boasted 400+ offline stores and 2,000+ roboshops globally, employing nearly 5,000 individuals. Guided by the mantra "To Light up Passion and Bring Joy," POP MART orchestrates a seamless operation across the entire trendy toy industry spectrum, spanning IP incubation, retail, themed experiences, and digital entertainment.



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  • Comprehensive Store Inspections: The rigorous daily inspections required across POP MART's expansive network of stores demand a highly efficient and accurate management system to uphold quality in hygiene, customer service, and product display.

  • Transition to Online Engagement: Adapting to consumers' shift towards online platforms, POP MART embarked on a journey to maintain its signature interactive shopping experience in the digital realm. This transition necessitated swift and effective collaboration in product development to seamlessly replicate the in-store magic online.

  • Streamlining E-commerce Livestream: With its top position in TikTok's live-streaming e-commerce market, POP MART needs effective scheduling and information management solutions for its network of content creators.


POP MART x Lark Key Results

Advanced Inspection Management Across 300+ Stores with Lark Base

To ensure an exceptional shopping experience for customers, POP MART conducts rigorous daily inspections of 300 stores nationwide, examining over 20 criteria that span hygiene, customer service, product management, and display standards. Given the extensive network of stores and the stringent inspection requirements, enhancing the efficiency and quality of these inspections is crucial for optimal store management.

Without the need for additional resource investment in development, the POP MART team uses Lark to customize an exclusive applet to streamline their online inspections. This enables employees to conduct inspections flexibly using their smartphones, ensuring that high standards are maintained efficiently across all locations.

POPMART Store Inspection Rectification Process

  • Initiate rectification anytime on their phone: Every day, shop assistants or managers responsible for inspections access the Lark app to find the inspection applet on their customized dashboard. Upon entering the applet, the inspector views the list of items needing inspection and rectification. They simply click on each item, fill it out as if completing a questionnaire, and upload the information immediately.

  • Real-time task delivery and management: If an issue requiring rectification is identified during an inspection, the inspector can utilize the applet's photo-taking feature. By entering a brief description of the problem and attaching photos taken onsite, a rectification task is created and sent directly to the responsible party for prompt resolution.

  • Closed-loop management of rectification results: The applet facilitates sharing updates to chat groups and sending rectification reminders. Rectification owners receive timely notifications, while managers have access to detailed timings and descriptions of the issues. Should cross-departmental collaboration be necessary, involved parties can follow up on inspection items at any time.

The multifunctional Lark store inspection solution integrates Base, Dashboard, and Chat, enhancing connectivity between POP MART headquarters and employees at all levels. This integration simplifies store management and boosts rectification efficiency. Moreover, Lark Base ensures that all data records are complete and transparent, allowing for real-time recording and review of inspection results.

Standardized & Efficient Product-R&D Collaboration Ensures Immersive "Blind Box" Experience Online

Amidst the changing retail landscape, POP MART encountered unprecedented challenges as it navigated the transition towards online channels. A central focus for the product R&D team was optimizing collaboration and product iteration to mirror the immersive "blind box" shake experience online, preserving the unique interactive aspects of offline shopping.

To address these challenges, the POP MART team implemented Lark Project, which has transformed the standardization and efficiency of complex collaborations within product R&D, ensuring swift and high-quality product launches.

POP MART R&D Process with Lark Projects

  • Standardized Processes: Lark Project enabled the team to standardize the product R&D process. This standardization allows for clear visualization of progress and ownership of each requirement, ensuring that every detail is accounted for systematically.

  • Efficient Collaboration: The flexibility of process links within Lark Project and the ability to directly tag team members enhances communication. Progress updates are synchronized to the chat group, capturing all critical information within the system. This setup allows project managers and team members involved in R&D, testing, and PMO to collaborate effectively, forming a cohesive network.

  • Streamlined Management: Lark Project excels in generating reports swiftly and managing the schedules of R&D staff online. It displays current projects, expected lead times, and the schedules of numerous R&D personnel, enabling project managers to quickly determine availability and reduce unnecessary communication, thereby accelerating the R&D process.

With Lark Project, POP MART's R&D team achieved significant milestones, completing the iteration of hundreds of functions 70% ahead of schedule. The e-commerce system for the broadcasting room was set up in just 8 days. The efficiency brought about by Lark Project has been crucial in the effective rollout of the company's e-commerce strategies.

As Hugo, the Product Director at POP MART's Technology R&D Center, puts it: "The most significant aspect of the Lark Project is its ability to clearly define and document the tasks and objectives at each project milestone. This reduces the need for frequent communication and enables team members to work concurrently without errors."

Managing Livestream Schedules, Engaging Creators and Generating Calendars Automatically, All within a Single Lark Base

In 2022, POP MART ventured into the TikTok live-streaming e-commerce scene, quickly becoming the top store among TikTok's Treasure Stores for garage kits. To manage this new venture efficiently, the e-commerce team utilizes Lark Base to coordinate the schedules of over 20 room controllers and more than 30 creators involved in livestreaming, effectively synchronizing all livestreaming activities and boosting the productivity of the operations team.

Manage livestream schedule, creators and contributors in a single Lark Base file

  • Automatic Calendar Reminders: The operations team sets up a livestreaming calendar in Lark Base. The system automatically generates a calendar for each creator one day before the event and sends reminders via Lark messages, ensuring that all creators are timely and well-prepared without the need for individual follow-ups.

  • Centralized Schedule Management: All livestreaming schedules are consolidated into a single Lark Base spreadsheet. This setup allows for the creation of tailored calendars or dashboards that cater to the specific needs of team managers, creators, and operations staff, enhancing overall coordination.

  • Streamlined Performance Review: Post-livestreaming, team members can promptly input key metrics such as Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), viewer numbers, and conversion rates directly online. This data is crucial for real-time performance analysis, enabling managers to review outcomes efficiently through dynamically updated dashboards.

This strategic use of Lark Base not only simplifies the management of complex livestreaming schedules but also ensures that the results of each session are analyzed promptly and accurately, driving continuous improvement in POP MART's livestreaming initiatives.


By integrating Lark Base and Lark Project into its operational framework, POP MART has effectively addressed its core challenges, enhancing store inspections, product R&D, and livestreaming management. These technological solutions have streamlined complex processes, improved collaborative efforts, and maintained POP MART’s leadership in the global pop toy market, consistently delivering exceptional experiences to customers worldwide.

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Lark, bringing it all together

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Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries