7 ways Lark enhances remote work amid Jakarta's pollution crisis

7 ways Lark enhances remote work amid Jakarta's pollution crisis

Portrait of Jessica Lark's Author
Portrait of Jessica Lark's Author

Jessica O

August 28, 2023


Aug 28, 2023


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Male colleague working from home
Male colleague working from home
Male colleague working from home
Male colleague working from home

As Jakarta grapples with a pollution crisis, swift actions are in motion. Interim Governor Heru Budi Hartono has mandated half of the civil service to work from home, with plans to escalate to 75% by October 21. President Widodo isn't just advocating immediate change; he's pushing for a hybrid work system to combat air quality and traffic woes. This transition aligns seamlessly with Lark's capabilities, offering practical solutions not just public offices, but also businesses in Indonesia and across Asia.

Here are 7 ways Lark can help you seamlessly transition to remote work:

1. Keep everyone on the same page with announcements

For a good start, use the Announcement feature to introduce your WFH policy, along with a Lark Docs link where users can find comprehensive information related to working from home. Lark's Announcement feature ensures crucial updates reach your entire organization simultaneously. No more worries about information gaps; your team remains on the same page, even when working remotely.

2. Streamlined approvals: Ditch the paperwork

Say goodbye to the days of rushing to the office or waiting in line for manager approvals. Imagine you need your team lead's sign-off on a project proposal. Instead of emails back and forth, you send a request through Lark, and with a single click, your team lead approves it. Even better, for complex workflows, Lark lets you create approval chains, keeping everyone informed and avoiding delays.

3. Keep your conversations secure

In the world of remote work, securing your conversations is paramount. Lark ensures your chats and calls remain private and protected, allowing you to discuss sensitive matters confidently.

4. Meetings, anywhere and anytime

Lark's video conferencing transcends physical limitations. With virtual backgrounds and beauty filters, you can join a meeting without leaving your home and still look fresh and prepared, even after just waking up. It's like having your conference room brought to you.

5. Lark Docs: Your collaborative whiteboard

Tired of endless meetings? Battling Zoom fatigue? Collaborate asynchronously on Lark Docs. It's as simple as sending a document, having team members contribute by a set deadline, then allowing comments and feedback by another deadline. One person polishes it and sends it for approval. Collaboration without the meeting overload.

6. Smart scheduling for better productivity

Navigating busy schedules is effortless with Lark's calendar feature. Easily check when colleagues are available and allocate dedicated time for focused work, ensuring maximum productivity.

7. Boosting employee engagement

Employee engagement is a common concern in remote work settings. Lark turns this challenge into an opportunity by reintroducing the human touch. Check on your team's well-being through messages. Arrange casual virtual hangouts that bridge the gap between workstations and screens. Employ surveys to amplify their voices and emphasize their contributions. Cultivate authentic connections via Lark Moments, a platform for ideas to flow and interactions to flourish. With Lark, communication lines stay open, ensuring every team member feels heard and connected.

The power of Lark

As Jakarta embraces a hybrid work model, adaptable strategies take precedence. Lark's user-friendly tools not only enable adaptation but also drive excellence. It's not merely a tool; it's your partner in embracing the remote work journey.

Ready to revolutionize your remote work?

Embrace the transition with Lark. From ensuring secure communication to simplifying document collaboration and enhancing employee engagement, Lark equips you to thrive in the evolving remote work landscape.

Discover how Lark transforms remote work into a productive and engaging experience. Request a complimentary demo to explore how Lark addresses the unique challenges of remote work in your region while enabling your team's success. Your work, your way, with Lark.

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