Looking for a powerful project management tool?

Looking for a powerful project management tool?

Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author
Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author

Ivy Yang

August 15, 2023


Aug 15, 2023


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lark base project management tool
lark base project management tool
lark base project management tool
lark base project management tool

Are you searching for a project management tool? While there are quite a few options, Lark Base is a simple, yet powerful database to help you seamlessly run your projects from start to finish. Learn more about what you can do in Base, such as creating automated workflows, using AI to write content, building dashboards, and viewing data in different formats.

Plan, execute, track, and deliver with Base.

Lark Base enables users to create their own customized apps with no code needed. Build workflows, sales dashboards, and timelines with ease. From frontline operations to launch campaigns, streamline operational routines, keep track of task completion, and gain actionable insights instantly to keep every part of your business in check—all in one dashboard. Lark Base allows you to easily build databases from the ground up.

Base is entirely customizable for your needs. Whether you want a visualized dashboard with graphs and charts, database to store a list of client information, a tracking system for job applicants and interviews, or a revenue management dashboard, you can build it—with no code needed at all—to make your business processes even more efficient. And the list of what you can build with Base goes on. Think of it as Lego: Base has core building blocks to help you create your dream business structure.

The best part? Base updates in real time, so you won't be dealing with out-of-date information anymore. Any data that is collected through QR codes, surveys, or submissions will automatically be updated onto your dashboard. Base is optimized to help both frontline and knowledge workers seamlessly collect information. It is also accessible through mobile so that anyone working on the go can easily pull up any data necessary.

Plus, if you're using Excel and are not sure how to migrate your information over, don't worry—import from Excel with one click to transform complex data into actionable insights.

Visualization has never been easier.

Transform daily sales figures, production totals, and supply fluctuations into charts and graphs easily. Make informed decisions with confidence and watch your data update in real-time!

Plus, Base has a ton of filters and fields to choose from to help you further visualize data. For instance, use progress fields in Base to show precisely how a task is moving along. Updating the progress bar is easy: simply enter a number or drag along the bar.

[NEW] Make work a breeze Base x OpenAI!

We are excited to announce our new release: OpenAI in Base! Generate content at scale with a single AI prompt and update content effortlessly with automation. Interested in learning about how you can use AI to help build out parts of your dashboard? Sign up below to get early access.

Work fast with automation tools.

Keep your teams, tasks, and timelines on track, stress-free. Let automation do grunt work and help check off tasks day in and day out. When using automated workflows in Base, configure the triggering conditions and actions so that Base will automatically perform the actions based on data changes. For example, send alerts via chat, update records, send reminders, and more!

Automated workflows in Base don't end there—create events, tasks and groups directly from your data in Base, which further reduces repetitive work while keeping your team fully aligned. Say goodbye to hours of manual work and hello to saving time to work on what truly matters for your business.

Understand your business from all angles.

Lark Base offers various views to help you visualize your data in different ways: Grid view, Kanban view, Gantt view, Gallery view, and Calendar view. Simply click "Task list" in your Base to change the view of your Base within seconds.

To summarize the different views:

  • Grid view is the default view. It looks like a traditional table and is easier for beginners to get started with. You can add multiple fields and define the format of all cells in the fields. Grid view is applicable in any scenario.

  • Kanban view displays compact record cards to ensure more efficient access to key information. To help you get a quick idea about the content of a record, Kanban view supports showing a preview of the record's attachment field as its cover.

  • Gantt view allows you to click on specific dates to create milestones. It also allows you to select any time dimension such as a week, month, quarter, or year. Gantt view displays the progress of every task with a progress bar, making the view useful for project management.

  • Gallery view visualizes content found in the attachment field, directly displaying any file content such as images and PDFs. You can click the record cards to view more record information.

  • Calendar view allows you to manage events, schedule projects, and arrange activities more effectively. Collaborators can see event schedules and duration at a glance, and updates can be easily made to keep the whole team on the same page.

Share dashboards easily.

Share dashboards without sending the whole base. Customize the dashboard's sharing scope based on your needs to ensure data security without hindering collaboration. You can also use group fields in Base: add one or multiple Lark groups in the group field to let users easily access or join groups.

Tip: you can configure automated workflow to add members to groups, remove members from groups, and more!

The possibilities with Base are limitless. Want to learn about how Base can be customized to help your team? Contact us today!