📈 Lark: The ultimate excel formulas cheat sheet alternative + FREE template

📈 Lark: The ultimate excel formulas cheat sheet alternative + FREE template

Portrait of Jessica Lark's Author
Portrait of Jessica Lark's Author

Jessica O

August 21, 2023


Aug 21, 2023


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Say goodbye to formula hunting! Access over 400 formulas seamlessly within Lark Sheets using this FREE template in this blog post.

Your Complete Lark Sheets Formula Guide

Are you tired of endlessly scouring the web for Sumif and Countif formulas to use within Lark Sheets? Say goodbye to the formula hunt - this FREE Lark template is your one-stop formula dictionary, equipped with Sumif, Countif, and an array of other essential formulas. Simplify your data analysis with formulas at your fingertips, and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Lark Sheets' capabilities.

Product interface of Lark Sheet showcasing Countif formula for calculating qualified students

Beyond formulas: Elevate collaboration with Lark Sheets' features

Lark Sheets isn't just confined to formulas; it's a comprehensive Excel alternative that transcends traditional spreadsheet functions. Beyond the realm of formulas, Lark Sheets introduces a new era of streamlined collaboration.

Screenshot: New T-Shirt Announcement in Lark Chat with Link to Request Form in Lark Sheet

Imagine seamlessly tagging colleagues in your files and setting date reminders that trigger notifications sent directly to their chats. This innovative feature eradicates missed deadlines and enhances team communication.

Lark Sheet Date Reminder Feature – Set Time, Alerts, and Person to Notify

In the world of teamwork, Lark Sheets shines even brighter. Gone are the days of grappling with multiple versions of a file and deciphering scattered comments. With Lark Sheets, collaboration is simplified. You work within a single, up-to-date version, with all comments meticulously logged and transmitted directly to the chat. Whether your team operates remotely or within the same office space, Lark Sheets ensures everyone is in sync.

All-in-one solution: Lark, your superapp for enhanced workplace productivity

And it doesn't stop there. Lark Sheets is more than just formulas and spreadsheets; it's a dynamic superapp offering a range of tools such as chat, docs, calendar, video conferencing, and more - all seamlessly integrated. No more toggling between applications; Lark consolidates your workspace, optimizing your productivity. The best part? All these features are available under a single subscription, empowering you to work smarter, not harder.

Icons of All Lark Features: A Visual Overview of Lark's Versatile Workspace Tools

Elevate your data work and team collaboration with Lark. Bid farewell to formula hunting and say hello to a holistic solution that empowers you to achieve more, all while enjoying a simplified and unified experience.

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