Lark Messenger vs Zalo: Which Business Communication Tool is Better?

Lark Messenger vs Zalo: Which Business Communication Tool is Better?

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April 12, 2024


Apr 12, 2024


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Lark vs Zalo
Lark vs Zalo
Lark vs Zalo
Lark vs Zalo

Keeping connected and managing work efficiently are vital in today's rapid business environment. Numerous companies encounter difficulties in keeping their teams informed and organized, particularly when relying on text messages for communication. Luckily, technological progress has introduced applications aimed at simplifying this process.

Among these applications, Lark Messenger vs Zalo have emerged as popular choices for business communication. Both offer features tailored to meet the demands of modern enterprises, allowing teams to communicate seamlessly, share files, and collaborate effectively. However, determining which tool is better suited for your business needs can be a daunting task.

In this blog, we will delve into a comparative analysis of Lark Messenger and Zalo, exploring their functionalities, ease of use, and suitability for various business environments. By the end, you'll have a clearer understanding of which communication tool aligns best with your company's requirements.

Overview of Lark Messenger

Lark Messenger isn't your average chat app for businesses. Sure, it lets teams chat with each other, make video calls, and share files instantly, just like many others. But Lark takes things a step further. It acts like a central hub for your team's work, seamlessly connecting with project management tools.

Imagine this: you're discussing a project with your colleagues in a Lark chat. You need to make changes to a document related to the project. Instead of switching to another app, Lark lets you edit the document right there within the chat, all together! This eliminates the hassle of jumping between apps and ensures everyone is on the same page.

This focus on real-time collaboration is Lark's secret weapon. It helps teams work together more efficiently, no matter where they are located. Need to brainstorm ideas with a remote teammate? Hop on a Lark video call. 

Discussing revisions on a proposal? Edit the document together in the chat. Lark keeps communication flowing and eliminates the roadblocks that can slow down progress.

Lark makes working together easier. Companies using Lark say their teams work better, get more done, and finish things faster. This is especially helpful for companies with remote workers or teams spread out in different locations. Lark helps close the gap and creates a feeling of being connected even when you're far apart.

Overview of Zalo for Business

Zalo, a dominant messaging app in Vietnam, extends its reach to businesses with Zalo for Business. This platform goes beyond basic communication, allowing businesses to connect with customers, manage sales, and even launch targeted marketing campaigns.

Zalo for Business offers a suite of features that streamline communication and boost sales. Businesses can utilize group chats, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and chatbots to efficiently handle customer inquiries and provide support. 

Additionally, marketing and sales tools empower businesses to reach a wider audience through targeted ads, product information sharing, and engaging live streams. Zalo for Business also provides management capabilities like order tracking, customer data storage, and sales analytics.

The impact of Zalo for Business is clear. Businesses can cultivate deeper customer engagement through familiar communication channels, leading to increased loyalty and satisfaction. 

The platform also simplifies communication by centralizing customer interactions and internal team chats. Ultimately, Zalo for Business empowers Vietnamese businesses to connect effectively, boost sales and marketing efforts, and achieve sustainable growth.

Lark emphasizes real-time collaboration and unified project management, making it great for teams working together across different places. On the other hand, Zalo is focused on dominating the Vietnamese market, providing businesses with tools to connect with local customers effectively.

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Lark Messenger vs Zalo: Feature Comparison

Lark and Zalo both want to help your team work better. But they each have different strengths. Before you pick one, let's take a closer look at each app and see which one is the perfect fit for your team!

Both apps have strong features, but they serve different purposes. This detailed comparison will help you choose which app is best for your business, making communication easier and work more efficient. 

We will look closely at what each app does well and where it could improve. We'll also see how they are used in different situations and help you pick the one that matches what your business needs.

User Interface and User Experience

When comparing Lark Messenger and Zalo, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) play significant roles. 

Lark has a clean and modern UI, emphasizing simplicity and intuitive design, which aids in quick adaptation for users of all technical abilities. Its well-organized features make navigation effortless, ensuring a smooth onboarding process for teams. 

In contrast, Zalo's UI resembles popular messaging apps, providing familiarity to users already comfortable with such platforms. However, some may find its interface slightly cluttered compared to Lark's minimalist approach. 

In terms of UX, Lark prioritizes efficiency, offering centralized access to core communication tools for heightened productivity. Conversely, Zalo blends social networking features with communication tools, which may suit businesses focused on customer engagement in Vietnam but might require adjustment for teams accustomed to work-oriented interfaces. 

In the end, deciding between Lark and Zalo depends on what your team likes and needs. If you want things to be simple and easy, Lark Messenger is a good option. But if your team likes social media-style interfaces, especially for working in Vietnam, Zalo might be better. 

It's a good idea to try out the free plans or trials both platforms offer so your team can see which one they like best before choosing.

Messaging Capabilities

Lark Messenger is all about real-time collaboration, offering features like instant messaging for both one-on-one and group chats. It also has in-chat tools like @mentions, file sharing, and task creation to keep communication flowing smoothly. Plus, Lark Messenger supports multiple languages, making seamless collaboration a breeze for international teams.

On the other hand, Zalo combines messaging with social networking. It has a familiar interface for users comfortable with other messaging apps, and features like broadcast lists for sending updates to many people at once. Zalo also lets you create groups for different projects or teams, making communication more organized. 

Lark Messenger is excellent for working closely with your team and getting things done together. It's perfect for chatting in real-time, sharing files, and collaborating on tasks, making it easy to stay connected and productive. 

However, Zalo is more focused on connecting with a wide audience and engaging with people, especially in Vietnam. If you need to send updates or announcements to a lot of people at once, or if you want to build a community around your brand, Zalo is a great choice.

Collaboration Tools

When it comes to collaborating effectively, Lark Messenger and Zalo take divergent paths. Lark Messenger stands out for its robust suite of collaboration tools, providing users with plenty of features to enhance teamwork. Users can engage in real-time document editing with Lark Docs, enabling simultaneous collaboration and ensuring everyone stays on the same page. 

Moreover, Lark Messenger facilitates task management by allowing users to assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress, all within a unified platform. The ease of file sharing further streamlines communication, enabling team members to access necessary documents effortlessly. 

Additionally, Lark Messenger facilitates visual collaboration during calls or meetings, allowing users to share screens for enhanced interaction.

On the other hand, Zalo adopts a more simplistic approach, focusing primarily on basic communication. While users can create and share simple notes within Zalo groups, the platform lacks the advanced collaboration features offered by Lark Messenger. 

Although file sharing is possible within Zalo chats, it lacks functionalities such as real-time editing and version control.

Lark Messenger is the better choice for collaboration because of its comprehensive set of tools. It's great for businesses that need to work together in real-time and manage projects efficiently with Lark Base. Zalo, on the other hand, is more suited for basic communication and sharing files.

In conclusion, if your business relies heavily on teamwork and project management, Lark Messenger is the way to go. 

Integration with Business Tools

Connecting with other business tools, both Lark Messenger and Zalo for Business offer different levels of integration. 

Lark Messenger stands out with its open platform and extensive integrations thanks to Lark Anycross. It connects with various popular business tools like calendars and CRM software, making it easy to create a unified work environment. Moreover, developers can use Lark's open API to build custom integrations, adding even more flexibility. 

Zalo for Business focuses on limited integrations, with its strengths lying in providing basic integrations with a select few business tools, primarily centered around Vietnamese-based services. 

Lark Messenger takes the crown for integrations.  Its open platform allows for a vast array of third-party integrations and custom API development, enabling you to tailor Lark to perfectly complement your existing business ecosystem. Zalo's limited integrations might restrict its functionality for businesses heavily reliant on specific tools.

Mobile Accessibility

Lark offers user-friendly apps for both Android and iOS devices, allowing for easy navigation and use. Additionally, Lark's offline functionality enables users to access messages and documents even without an internet connection, enhancing productivity. 

With notifications, users receive timely alerts for new messages and updates, ensuring they stay connected on the go. 

Zalo has several strengths that make it a preferred messaging app, particularly in Vietnam. Its popularity in the country is notable, with a large user base benefiting from its widespread usage. 

Additionally, Zalo offers offline functionality similar to Lark, allowing users to access certain features even without an internet connection. Another advantage of Zalo is its lightweight app, which consumes minimal storage space on users' devices. 

These qualities contribute to Zalo's appeal and efficiency, making it a convenient and practical choice for messaging needs, especially among Vietnamese users.

Both Lark Messenger and Zalo are suitable for mobile use, but each excels in different areas. Lark Messenger is particularly well-suited for business communication, offering advanced features that cater to professional needs. If you require robust functionalities on your mobile device and are constantly on the move, Lark Messenger is a favorable option. 

Other relevant features

When comparing Lark Messenger and Zalo, each platform offers distinct advantages tailored to different needs. Lark Messenger prioritizes security and data privacy with industry-standard encryption, making it ideal for businesses valuing confidentiality. 

Additionally, Lark Messenger caters to businesses of all sizes.  A free plan lets small teams test the waters with core features before considering paid options. These paid plans unlock advanced functionalities designed to scale with larger organizations. 

But Lark Messenger's benefits go beyond size.  It leverages AI technology to boost team efficiency by suggesting relevant information and automating tasks. 

In addition to its other features, Zalo offers seamless integration with ZaloPay, a popular mobile wallet platform in Vietnam. This integration allows businesses to establish Zalo Shops within the app, facilitating in-app purchases and streamlining the e-commerce process. 

This capability positions Zalo as an advantageous choice for businesses looking to venture into the realm of online selling and expand their customer base. Furthermore, Zalo distinguishes itself with its social networking features, such as news feeds and status updates. 

These features foster a more casual and informal communication style, which can be particularly appealing for teams operating within the Vietnamese market. 

Lark Messenger is a great choice because it's really safe, it doesn't cost a lot, and it has lots of cool features. On the other hand, Zalo is really good at helping businesses sell things online, it's great for social stuff like sharing news and updates, and it's made especially for people in Vietnam. 

So, if you want a messaging app that keeps your stuff safe, doesn't cost too much, and has lots of fancy features, Lark Messenger is the way to go. But if you're running a business and want to sell things online easily, or if you like using social features a lot and you're in Vietnam, then Zalo might be better for you. It's all about what you need and what's important to you.

Lark Messenger vs Zalo: Pricing plan

Lark Messenger presents a variety of pricing plans tailored to suit different business needs, ensuring that teams of all sizes can find the right fit. The Free Starter Plan caters to small teams or individuals exploring the platform's basic features, such as chat, limited video conferencing, file sharing, and basic collaboration tools. 

However, for businesses seeking more robust features and enhanced global collaboration capabilities, the Pro Plan is recommended. 

This plan includes all the features of the Starter Plan, along with enhanced collaboration features, larger file storage, and better video call quality, making it suitable for teams in need of advanced functionalities. 

On the other hand, the Enterprise Plan is best suited for large organizations with specific requirements, offering additional customization options, enhanced security features, and dedicated support. 

While the Free Starter Plan may suffice for very small teams with basic needs, investing in a paid plan ensures access to enhanced collaboration tools, scalability, and enhanced security features essential for serious business communication. 

Starting with the Pro plan is advisable for most businesses, with the option to explore the Enterprise plan for larger organizations requiring advanced security and customization.

Zalo for Business caters to a wide range of companies by offering tiered plans that fit various needs.  Individual users can find basic plans, although details are often scarce. Small teams benefit from affordable options that provide core communication and sales functionalities.  

For larger businesses, Zalo for Business offers comprehensive plans brimming with advanced features like increased user capacity, CRM tools for managing customer interactions, and insightful analytics.

While pricing specifics are less transparent compared to Lark Messenger, Zalo for Business likely follows a similar structure.  A free plan might be available for basic exploration, with paid plans offering increased functionality at higher price points. 

These paid plans could include features like increased user limits for growing teams, advanced marketing tools for targeted outreach, robust CRM capabilities for managing customer relationships, engaging live streaming options, and automated customer service tools powered by chatbots.


In conclusion, when it comes to selecting a business communication platform, both Lark Messenger and Zalo for Business shine with their distinct advantages.

Lark Messenger is ideal for companies that value seamless teamwork and efficient document management. Its real-time collaboration features, robust document editing capabilities, and integrated project management tools make it a top choice. Plus, its transparent pricing, including a free plan for small teams, makes it even more enticing.

On the other hand, Zalo for Business excels in the Vietnamese market, tapping into the widespread popularity of Zalo to enhance customer engagement. Its array of marketing and sales tools empower businesses to reach their target audience effectively. 

While Zalo's pricing structure may be less straightforward, many businesses find it to be a cost-effective solution.

Want to dive deeper into your options? Check out our blog for more on why Lark is the most effective platform for businesses.

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