Startup Spotlight: How MessengerCo is revolutionising gifting with Lark for Startups

Startup Spotlight: How MessengerCo is revolutionising gifting with Lark for Startups

Ethan Miller

April 15, 2024


Apr 15, 2024


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In our ongoing journey to highlight the most dynamic and promising startups in the Lark for Startups Program, we're thrilled to share stories that not only inspire but demonstrate the real-world impact of leveraging the ByteDance framework through Lark. These narratives underscore the transformative journey startups embark on, propelling them towards exponential growth.

Founders of MessengerCo

The Founders: Kimberly Lau (CBO), Mahamat Moussa (CTO), Wayne Won Wooi Leng (COO), Heaster Andrea (CEO)

Founder's Testimonial

"My advice for startup founders is to explore the Lark for Startups program and fully immerse yourselves in the Lark ecosystem. It can fundamentally change the way your team operates, unlocking your team's maximum potential and propelling your company to new heights of productivity and collaboration" - Heaster Andrea (CEO)

Introduction to MessengerCo

MessengerCo is at the forefront of reinventing corporate gifting. By harnessing scalable, AI-driven solutions, MessengerCo is setting a new standard in the industry, offering corporate clients a seamless and efficient gifting experience. What sets MessengerCo apart is its commitment to personalization, deeply understanding its client's needs to deliver gifts that truly resonate.

The inception of MessengerCo was as unique as its mission. Created to bridge the distance between loved ones during lockdowns, the company found its purpose through a heartfelt gesture — a curated gift from Heaster to a dear friend fighting cancer. This act of kindness quickly captured the hearts of many, catapulting MessengerCo into the corporate sphere where it uncovered an untapped need for thoughtful, personalized gifting solutions.

Facebook post of a curated gift by MessengerCo from Heaster to a dear friend fighting cancer.

Source: MessengerCo Website

Through her engagements with clients, Heaster identified that MessengerCo's personalised curation service filled a critical void in the market. This realization fueled the company's drive to not only continue delivering joy through thoughtful gifts but also to tackle a burgeoning challenge: scaling their personalized service without losing the essence of their brand.

Scaling New Heights

In search of their next phase of growth, Heaster joined the Antler program, where she met Mohammed Moussa, the future Chief Technology Officer of MessengerCo. It was during this program that they were introduced to the Lark for Startups Program. Inspired by the success story of ByteDance, and eager to position MessengerCo on a similar trajectory, they made the pivotal decision to join the program.

MessengerCo's Office Visit at ByteDance's Singapore Office

MessengerCo's Office Visit at ByteDance's Singapore Office

Growth since joining Lark for Startups

Since joining Lark for Startups, MessengerCo has achieved:

  • >200% increase in revenue in Q1 2024 vs Q1 2023

  • 20% shorter sales cycle

  • 20% faster customer response time

  • 60% cost savings on technology solutions

  • 3x increase in headcount

How MessengerCo uses Lark

1) Integrated CRM System: Lark Base streamlines MessengerCo's operations by enabling seamless coordination across departments with customized access. This integration allows automatic sharing of sales successes to operations, ensuring efficient order management and direct communication for resolving issues within the platform. When no issues arise, operations promptly process and ship orders. Management can also gain a complete view of the customer journey through dashboards, enhancing their ability to oversee and improve operations.

2) All-in-one technology solution: Startups often find themselves entangled in a web of disparate platforms, from Zoom and Google Sheets to WhatsApp, leading to significant time lost in navigation and context switching. Lark introduces a seamless, all-in-one technology solution designed to streamline these processes, thereby minimizing time spent on non-essential tasks. This integration simplifies workflows and enhances efficiency, allowing startups to focus on what truly matters – growth and innovation.

3) Chat Integration and Cell Referencing: Lark enhances MessengerCo's internal communication with its integrated chat feature, allowing team members to reference orders or clients in conversations for easy reference directly. This integration significantly improves over the use of WhatsApp and Google Sheets, facilitating precise and clear information exchange. Furthermore, the dynamic chat and comment capabilities within Lark foster improved collaboration and efficiency, streamlining workflows and helping the team achieve their goals more effectively.

4) Team Expansion and Easy Onboarding: Since onboarding onto Lark for Startups, MessengerCo's team has expanded from 7 full-time employees in December to now boasting a team of 14 full-timers alongside 6 interns. Hence, the MessengerCo team sought to design a streamlined and clear onboarding process for all new hires using Lark Docs. This offers a centralised platform where everyone understands and adheres to pre-defined standard operating procedures, ensuring every team member is well-informed about their roles and responsibilities.

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