Startup Spotlight: How SPUN is Democratising Global Opportunities with Lark for Startups

Startup Spotlight: How SPUN is Democratising Global Opportunities with Lark for Startups

Ethan Miller

April 19, 2024


Apr 19, 2024


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In our ongoing journey to highlight the most dynamic and promising startups in the Lark for Startups Program, we're thrilled to share stories that not only inspire but demonstrate the real-world impact of leveraging the ByteDance framework through Lark. These narratives underscore the transformative journey startups embark on, propelling them towards exponential growth.

The Founders: Christa Sabathaly and Dilla Anindita

The Founders: Christa Sabathaly and Dilla Anindita

Founder's Testimonial

"Lark for Startups enabled us to scale quickly in our early stages as a startup through its wid array of productivity and collaboration tools, whilst also allowing us to focus on long-term goals like culture building, ensuring that we build a company that people not only attracts but retains top talent" - Christa and Dilla (Co-founders)

Introduction to SPUN

SPUN is revolutionizing the way individuals navigate the complexities of global mobility. Co-founded by Christa Sabathaly and Dilla Anindita, SPUN was born out of a personal crisis faced by co-founder Dilla during a move from the UK to Japan. Dilla's ordeal, a sudden job loss compounded by visa and passport complications, highlighted the intricate challenges of living and working abroad.

After engaging with like-minded individuals, Dilla and Christa uncovered a widespread issue: the complicated and often tedious process of securing cross-country permits. With countries like Indonesia offering an overwhelming 156 different visa types, the duo saw a clear need for change. The traditional pathways to global mobility were not just confusing; they were gatekeeping dreams and opportunities.

SPUN's mission is ambitious yet clear: to open the world by simplifying visa application processes. The company aims to cut through bureaucratic red tape, offering clear, streamlined guidance on visa procedures and requirements. This isn't just about making travel easier; it's about democratizing access to global opportunities, allowing people everywhere to chase their dreams without being hindered by complex legal barriers.

From its inception, SPUN has been more than a service—it's a movement towards a more accessible world, where ambition is not constrained by borders. Through personalization and innovative solutions, SPUN ensures that each client's journey is as unique as its destination, proving that even in the face of administrative adversity, the human spirit can thrive.

The Spun Team in their new office

The Spun Team in their new office

Scaling New Heights

Looking to find other like-minded individuals and learn from some of the best entrepreneurial minds, Christa and Dilla enrolled in the Antler (Indonesia) entrepreneurship programme. Through this program, they were introduced to the Lark for Startups Program. Recognising the immense power of Lark in supporting ByteDance's exponential growth, they enrolled into the program hoping to position SPUN on a similar growth trajectory.

Christa and Dilla at the Antler ID5 Cohort

Christa and Dilla at the Antler ID5 Cohort

Growth since joining Lark for Startups

Since joining Lark for Startups, SPUN has achieved:

  • 100k USD in Gross Merchandise Value

  • 60 full completed services

  • 1000 service inquiries

  • 4x increase in headcount

  • 125k USD in pre-seed funding (to date)

How SPUN uses Lark

1) Streamlined Asynchronous Workflows: Leveraging Lark workflow management tools, SPUN effectively assigns tasks to team members and tracks progress on workflows. This asynchronous workflow not only accommodates different time zones but also enables live collaboration and flexibility. Advanced permissions within Lark ensure that information is appropriately segmented by department, allowing for targeted access and preventing unauthorized edits on finalized data or work.

2) Enhanced Collaboration during Brainstorming: Utilizing Lark Meetings, team members engage in dynamic brainstorming exercises and sprints, seamlessly sharing their ideas in real-time. This feature fosters creativity and collaboration, empowering individuals to contribute and iterate on ideas collectively.

3) Organized Information Management: Recognizing the inherent chaos of early-stage startups, SPUN prioritizes organizing information and data for future reference. By centralizing information within Lark Docs, SPUN gains clarity and navigational ease, facilitating smoother operations and informed decision-making as they progress forward in their journey.

4) Fostering Trust and Transparency: Within SPUN, trust and transparency are cultivated through open communication and visibility into the state of the product and development progress. By leveraging Lark's collaborative features, every team member has access to real-time updates and insights into each other's work. With everyone on board and informed, SPUN can navigate challenges and pursue opportunities with confidence, knowing that they are working together towards shared success.