Three ways to use Lark Forms to boost your business!

Three ways to use Lark Forms to boost your business!

Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author
Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author

Ivy Yang

September 28, 2023


Sep 28, 2023


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Whether it's collecting responses from customers, prospects, or employees, virtual forms can greatly benefit your business in various aspects—user engagement, product development, feedback, and more. But how exactly can you leverage forms to boost your operations and business performance? Here are three ways you can maximize the use of digital surveys and how Lark Forms can help you collect effective responses.

Introducing Lark Forms

Lark Forms is an easy-to-use form builder that helps you create intuitive and powerful forms in seconds, without having to write any code. The best part? It's free!

Lark Forms allows you to customize your survey with multiple types of questions types to optimize for the information you need to retrieve. Personalize the layout, themes, and generate QR codes in one click for respondents to easily scan and fill out. With over 20 different kinds of answer fields, customize your fields and even set conditions for showing questions.

Lark comes ready with a handful of pre-built, free templates to use as well. Now, let's dive into how you can create forms to help your business!

#1) Understand your customers better

Put your customers first. Understanding what your customers think about your products, services, or overall brand is crucial. One of the primary ways you can use Lark Forms is by deploying customer feedback and satisfaction surveys.

Customize your survey with various fields such as ratings, short responses, and generate a QR code to collect feedback. Ask your customers how they feel about a new product, how they would rate the new store layout, how likely they would recommend your brand, or for any written feedback they have.

Once you collect responses, Lark Base can automatically filter and group survey results data in one dashboard. As a manager or store owner, understand customer feedback in seconds through visual graphs and calculated quantitative results for various metrics so you can make data-driven, actionable decisions to improve your business.

#2) Prioritize your employees

Your employees' thoughts and experiences matter. Conduct Employee pulse surveys every month or quarter to check in on them. Whether it's measuring job satisfaction, identifying areas for improvement, or gathering feedback on workplace culture, regular employee surveys are invaluable. With technology making it easier than ever to conduct surveys efficiently, there's no reason not to invest in understanding and supporting your workforce.

In Lark Forms, create an intuitive employee pulse survey and share it via QR code with your employees. You can also send it directly in a Lark employee group chat or use Lark's automation tools to send it out every specified time frame to all employees. With automated workflows, set up reminders and receive notifications once employees complete them.

Once you send out your form, Lark Base gathers all employee responses in one dashboard. This consolidated view not only simplifies data analysis but also provides a comprehensive overview of employee sentiments, enabling you to make informed decisions and take strategic actions to enhance the organization's overall performance and employee satisfaction.

#3) Integrate with backend operations

Streamline your operations. Another transformative way to use Lark Forms is by integrating them into your backend operations or internal processes. From application tracking to inventory management, forms can play a pivotal role in gathering essential data.

For instance, consider the onboarding process for new employees. Traditionally, this might involve a lot of paperwork, manual data entry, and potential errors. With Lark Forms, HR departments can create digital onboarding forms that new hires can fill out online. This not only reduces the chances of errors but also ensures that all data is stored in a centralized location, making it easier to retrieve and process.

Similarly, for inventory management, forms can be used to track incoming and outgoing products, returns, and more. By digitizing these processes, businesses can ensure real-time tracking, reduce overheads associated with manual data entry, and improve overall efficiency. Frontline workers can also simply scan a QR code to complete in-store daily inspection or inventory forms—and the data will automatically populate in a dashboard.


By collecting and analyzing survey responses, identify areas of improvement, recognize patterns in customer behavior, and even spot potential opportunities for new product lines or services. Lark Forms, with its versatility and user-friendly interface, is more than just a tool for creating digital forms. It's a gateway for businesses to connect with their audience, streamline their operations, and explore new opportunities.

Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, there's a lot to gain from integrating forms into your business strategy. Try it out for free today!