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30+ Stores Monthly, 400+ Stores in 3 Years: ZUS Coffee's Lark Journey

In its quest to become the #1 tech-driven coffee chain in Malaysia, with over 400+ stores, ZUS Coffee embarked on a journey of innovation and operational excellence. Faced with the challenges of rapid expansion, communication fragmentation, and fostering organizational culture, ZUS Coffee turned to Lark as a strategic partner to propel its growth forward.

ZUS Coffee Cover Image
ZUS Coffee Cover Image
ZUS Coffee Cover Image

Eddie Goh

General Manager

Implementing the right tool at the right time enabled us to organize our team, strategize effectively, and deploy with precision and efficiency, ensuring flawless execution during outlet openings.

ZUS Coffee Logo
ZUS Coffee Logo
ZUS Coffee Logo

Company Profile

ZUS Coffee, founded in 2019, embarked on a mission to redefine the accessibility of specialty coffee, aiming to make it an everyday indulgence rather than a rare luxury. With an innovative approach to brewing, top-quality ingredients, and a commitment to affordability, ZUS Coffee quickly became a dominant force in the industry, boasting over 400 outlets, 3.5 million app downloads, and serving more than 50 million cups of coffee.


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Malaysia, Philippines

In its journey of rapid expansion, ZUS Coffee has remained steadfast in its commitment to innovation and leveraging technology to redefine the coffee consumption experience. As the company constantly evolves to meet the demands of its growing customer base, it recognizes the importance of streamlining internal communication and information flow. Embracing its ethos of innovation, ZUS Coffee turned to Lark, not just as a solution to existing challenges, but as a strategic partner in its quest for scalability and operational excellence.

By embracing Lark's end-to-end platform, ZUS Coffee sought to unify its operations with speed and precision, ensuring that its vision of being the #1 tech-driven coffee chain in Malaysia is realized with unparalleled efficiency and transparency.

ZUS Coffee - Tools replaced


  • Rapid Outlet Expansion: As ZUS Coffee embarked on its rapid expansion journey, aiming to open at least 30 new stores monthly, they understood the criticality of outlet development. Ensuring seamless project tracking and coordination became their priority, necessitating streamlined processes to maintain momentum and effectively achieve their ambitious goals.

  • Communication Fragmentation: Managing multiple communication channels such as Email, WhatsApp, and Telegram had worked well when ZUS Coffee had just 1 or 2 outlets. However, as the team grew to over 300 outlets, finding information or the right person became increasingly cumbersome. The team recognized the urgent need to simplify the company's communication processes and reduce the layers of complexity to ensure everyone was on the same page and aligned with their goals.

  • Fostering Organizational Culture: Whether they were a 1-man team or a 500-man team, ZUS Coffee believed that there was no ZUS without its employees. Creating a cohesive organizational culture that promotes collaboration and growth was vital for ZUS Coffee to ensure a more connected and harmonious work environment. Recognizing the importance of nurturing their team, ZUS Coffee understood that fostering a sense of unity and belonging among employees was essential for their success.


To overcome these challenges and propel its growth journey forward, ZUS Coffee implemented strategic solutions with the help of Lark:

Centralized Outlet Management with Lark Base

Transitioning from fragmented spreadsheet and email coordination to Lark Base revolutionized ZUS Coffee's outlet development process. Previously, using sheets and emails led to siloed information, making it difficult to ensure updates reached the right teams. Weak permission control poses a risk of sensitive information exposure.

Before Lark
ZUS Upcoming Outlets Database on Excel
After Lark
ZUS Outlet Expansion Base

Turning a once 3-hour weekly report into just 15 minutes –
that's over 90% less time spent on paperwork and more time for what truly counts.

With Lark Base, ZUS Coffee established a centralized source of truth. Multiple input points facilitated collaboration, while robust permission controls ensured data security. Automated alerts expedited project progress monitoring, with real-time dashboards providing insights crucial for managing rapid outlet expansion. For instance, regarding bill payment status, automated alerts notified relevant personnel, ensuring timely actions.

ZUS Outlet Progress Alerts

The dashboard feature allowed for real-time data visualization, enabling swift decision-making aligned with ZUS Coffee's aggressive growth strategy.

ZUS Outlet Status

"The end-to-end process is extensive, leaving no room for communication breakdowns. One of the key advantages of Lark is its ability to seamlessly connect every aspect of this process from start to finish." - Eddie Goh, General Manager

Streamlined Communication with Lark Messenger

Transitioning from scattered communication channels to Lark Messenger enhanced ZUS Coffee's internal communication landscape. Previously, fragmented chat groups hindered efficient information dissemination, resulting in communication gaps.

Centralized Comms from HQ to Frontline

Now, with Lark, the status of every staff member –
whether they're joining or leaving – is instantly visible company-wide.

Lark Messenger replaced this with organized channels, streamlining employee communication. The announcement feature ensured all employees stayed updated on vital company information, fostering transparency and alignment.

Moreover, intuitive search functionalities simplify information retrieval, enhancing operational efficiency. By centralizing communication on Lark Messenger, ZUS Coffee eliminated the need for manual addition of employees, ensuring everyone remained connected seamlessly.

"Thanks to Lark, our team communication is now greatly streamlined. What used to be a days-long approval process for construction drawings, filled with countless bouncing emails, now takes mere hours with Lark's Approval feature." - Eddie Goh, General Manager

Cultivating Organizational Culture with Lark Moments

Harnessing the power of Lark Moments, ZUS Coffee nurtured a vibrant company culture rooted in recognition and camaraderie. With a motto of "There is no ZUS without U," ZUS Coffee utilized Moments to celebrate employee achievements and share customer accolades.

ZUS Moments

A Happy Barista = Happy Customers

For example, when a customer's heartfelt commendation for a barista went viral, ZUS Coffee seized the opportunity to spotlight the staff's exemplary service, fostering motivation and learning opportunities for others.

"This is one of my favorite features in Lark. The internal social media platform fosters team camaraderie, allowing us to celebrate every small victory together. It's visible to the entire company, spreading positivity and fostering a culture of recognition" - Eddie Goh, General Manager

Moments also served as a platform for knowledge sharing, such as disseminating the ZUS Service Steps, ensuring consistency in service quality across outlets. Additionally, Moments facilitated marketing event announcements and new outlet openings, promoting organizational cohesion and ensuring all employees remained informed and engaged in ZUS Coffee's journey of growth and innovation.


Through strategic implementation of Lark's tools, ZUS Coffee successfully navigated the challenges of rapid expansion, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before. By streamlining operations, fostering transparent communication, and nurturing a vibrant organizational culture, ZUS Coffee has positioned itself for sustained growth and continued success in the competitive coffee industry. With Lark as its trusted partner, ZUS Coffee is well-equipped to achieve its vision of becoming Malaysia's #1 Tech-Driven Coffee Chain, delivering unparalleled efficiency and transparency every step of the way.

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Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries

Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries