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DigiPlus: Elevating Communication & Project Management with Lark

DigiPlus, revolutionizing the Philippine gaming market, adopted Lark and Meegle to overcome communication and operational challenges. Lark unified cross-language communication and centralized information, while Meegle streamlined work order and project management with automated processes. This strategic integration resulted in a remarkable 800% efficiency boost in IT operations and a 99.9% satisfaction rate, solidifying DigiPlus's leadership in the gaming industry.

DigiPlus office
DigiPlus office
DigiPlus office
Rick Li

Rick Li

Chief Digital Officer

Lark's solutions have been instrumental in reinforcing DigiPlus's standing in the digital entertainment industry, making it an essential tool for any forward-thinking organization. I've witnessed a remarkable transformation in our internal operations, thanks to Lark's innovative solutions. Lark's unified communication platform has seamlessly connected our diverse, global team, overcoming language barriers and streamlining workflows. The centralized information system and enhanced process efficiencies have been pivotal in improving our internal operations.

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DigiPlus, previously known as Leisure and Resorts World Corporation, is redefining digital entertainment in the Philippines. Its world-class platforms supported by cutting-edge technologies and a robust distribution network of entertainment facilities nationwide have cemented its position as one of the fastest-growing and innovative digital entertainment groups in the Philippines. With over 20 million users across its digital platforms, DigiPlus is committed to revolutionizing Filipinos’ entertainment experience, enriching lives with fun and rewarding experiences.


Digital Entertainment

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In the fast-paced world of digital entertainment, DigiPlus gears up to elevate the game with its unique entertainment offerings powered by its dynamic workforce. As DigiPlus brings together talents across the globe with its network of 2,000 talents, DigiPlus embarked on a journey for more streamlined processes and smoother collaboration through Lark and Meegle.


Challenge 1: Fostering seamless communication

Communication was a challenge for DigiPlus' dynamic workforce, which comes from different parts of the world. Its employees preferred to communicate in their respective native languages. The use of different communication apps also posed challenges on security and efficiency. These unique challenges required a tool that would foster enhanced and seamless collaboration across the company.

Challenge 2: Streamlining work order & project management

As an emerging business executing on game-changing initiatives, DigiPlus faced challenges in work order and project management. To address this, the company needed to improve its work processes and efficiencies, including adopting a dedicated project management and central repository tool. It underscored the need for a comprehensive solution that will enable tighter workstreams and more efficient coordination across teams.

Challenge 3: Revolutionizing issue tracking

DigiPlus realized the need for a streamlined and efficient system to manage internal requests and approvals. Before implementing Lark Approvals, the company was using a manual system to manage approval processes that was inefficient and time-consuming. The manual process resulted in missed requests and communication breakdowns. DigiPlus recognized the critical need to improve this approach and introduce a more efficient and reliable system for issue tracking and approvals.


Solution 1: Unifying company-wide communication with Lark

To bridge the communication divide, DigiPlus turned to Lark, seeking a centralized solution for company-wide communication, regardless of the employee's native language. Lark's versatile platform helped address communication silos within the company.

Lark company-wide announcements via chat

It allowed teams to seamlessly connect, whether through chat, email or meetings, eliminating language barriers. DigiPlus harnessed Lark's power to broadcast official announcements, ensuring that everyone received consistent organizational information.

Lark meetings with automated and translatable transcripts

To centralize vital information, DigiPlus consolidated organizational guidelines and SOPs on Lark Wiki, creating a single, reliable source of information.

Lark wiki to centralize organizational knowledge

Solution 2: Enhancing work order and project management with Meegle

DigiPlus recognized the need for efficiency in their work order management process and tapped on Meegle to help streamline operations. Meegle's comprehensive platform provided a clear and efficient view of work orders at every stage, from request to completion. The system not only identified the responsible person but also displayed crucial maintenance details such as affected equipment and failure start times.

Meegle for project management

With the introduction of Meegle, DigiPlus could also improve its project management processes.

"Meegle has been an invaluable asset to our R&D team, providing significant support that extends beyond just our front-line employees. Its impact is so profound that even our senior management team has expressed their high satisfaction and appreciation for its contributions" - John Constantine, Head of Project Management

Here's how: Imagine a well-orchestrated production line in a factory where each step seamlessly triggers the next. Meegle turned DigiPlus' project management into a well-oiled machine. After approving work requests, the R&D team used to manually notify relevant colleagues via email about the results. It was akin to sending out handwritten notes in an age of instant messaging. With Meegle, they embraced automated notifications, much like the synchronized movements of an expertly choreographed dance.

Meegle for project management

For example, upon completing the initial review, if a work request did not meet acceptance criteria, Meegle automatically flags it for rejection. A notification was promptly sent to the requested colleagues from other departments, ensuring swift action.

In essence, the migration from a manual to an automated process with the adoption of Meegle helped transform how project management is executed in the company. It ensured that every task and project was tracked, communicated, and executed with precision.

Solution 3: Optimizing issue tracking with Lark Approvals & Help Desk

Lark approvals for company asset requests

DigiPlus recognized the need for expedited issue resolution, particularly within its IT department. This led to the introduction of Lark Approvals and the establishment of a dedicated Lark IT Helpdesk.

Lark help desk to support and automate commonly asked IT questions

This shift substantially reduce the time required for IT issue resolution and approval processes, boasting an astounding 800% efficiency improvement. The IT department experienced a surge in satisfaction levels as a result of this streamlined approach.

"Before implementing Lark, our IT department's paper-based approval process took up to 8 days. Now, with Lark's streamlined system, we complete the same process in just 1 day, achieving an 800% increase in efficiency. Additionally, IT issues that previously took a whole day to address are now resolved within 3 hours, contributing to a remarkable customer satisfaction rate of 99.9%." - Simon, Infrastructure Manager


DigiPlus' strategic transformation journey, supported by Lark and Meegle, is a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous evolution. By addressing communication challenges and streamlining critical processes, DigiPlus not only improved its internal operations and enhanced its competitiveness in the thriving digital entertainment industry. The success story of DigiPlus stands as an inspiration for organizations seeking to elevate its collaboration, increase efficiency, and achieve excellence in the dynamic digital landscape.

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Lark, bringing it all together

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Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries

Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries