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Maha Chemicals: Innovating Customer & Inventory Management with Lark

Maha Chemicals, driven by innovation and sustainability, enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction through digitalization with Lark, positioning them as leaders in Asian markets for chemical distribution excellence.

Maha Chemicals Office
Maha Chemicals Office
Maha Chemicals Office
Kevin Ng Maha Chemicals
Kevin Ng Maha Chemicals
Kevin Ng Maha Chemicals

Kevin Ng

Chief Digital Officer

Lark has not only transformed our internal collaboration but also revolutionized the way internal teams support our colleagues. We heavily rely on Suite, OKR, Helpdesk, and AnyCross across all departments. Lark's integrated platform goes beyond just ensuring that apps work together; it ensures that everyone is aligned and on the same page.

Maha Chem Logo
Maha Chem Logo
Maha Chem Logo

Company Profile

Maha Chemicals stands as a leading distributor of raw chemicals across Asia, offering an extensive range of products to industries such as coating, printing, adhesive, skincare, and more. With 18 offices spanning 11 countries and a dedicated team of 280 professionals, Maha Chemicals prides itself on its ability to deliver high-quality chemical solutions to meet diverse customer needs.


Manufacturing & Distribution

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Driven by a culture of innovation and sustainability, Maha Chemicals embarked on a journey to enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction. This narrative showcases Maha Chemicals' proactive approach to enhancing customer management, optimizing inventory and logistics, and refining digital marketing strategies. Through strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing various aspects of its operations, Maha Chemicals has demonstrated its commitment to delivering unparalleled value to its customers and reinforcing its position as an industry leader.

Maha Chemicals Tools Replaced


At Maha Chemicals, the pursuit of excellence drives continuous improvement across operational workflows. Identifying key areas for enhancement, the company embarked on a journey to refine its service delivery:

Customer Management: Streamlining Quoting and Approval Processes

Maha Chemicals recognized occasional discrepancies in pricing and delays in order processing due to manual quoting and approval processes. In response, the company aimed to integrate real-time data streams to empower its business development team with accurate information for swift and precise quotes. Additionally, efforts were made to streamline order tracking and forecasting, minimizing manual intervention and maximizing efficiency.

Inventory and Logistics Management: Embracing Real-Time Insights:

Efficient inventory management emerged as a priority for Maha Chemicals. Manual stocktaking processes and sample tracking occasionally resulted in delays and inaccuracies, impacting the company's ability to meet customer demands promptly. To address this, Maha Chemicals endeavored to integrate real-time data streams, enabling teams to access up-to-the-minute information on chemical stock availability. This initiative aimed to eliminate prolonged communication cycles and manual data entry, enhancing responsiveness and agility in catering to customer needs.

Digital Marketing: Optimizing Lead and Content Management:

In the digital landscape, effective communication is paramount. However, manual handling of leads and content requests proved time-consuming and prone to errors for Maha Chemicals. Recognizing the necessity of a streamlined approach, the company aimed to centralize lead management processes to ensure prompt follow-ups and maximize conversion opportunities. By establishing clear workflows for content requests, Maha Chemicals sought to enhance the marketing team's efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately improving engagement with stakeholders across various channels.


Maha Chemicals has implemented a series of user-friendly solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency and productivity across its operations:

Streamlined Pricing and Quote Management

Before implementing the streamlined pricing and quote management solution using Lark Base, preparing a quote for a customer at Maha Chemicals was a tedious and time-consuming task. It involved manually gathering pricing information from various sources and calculating the quote, which often took several hours to complete.

Synced Pricing from ERP to Lark for real-time data pulling

However, with the new system in place, Maha Chemicals has simplified its pricing and quoting process by integrating Lark Base with its existing systems. This integration ensures that pricing analytics data, including costing information, is updated in real-time from the ERP system into Lark Base. Utilizing built-in formulas, the Business Development team can swiftly calculate accurate quotes for products within minutes.

Customer Quote Form

Once the quote is ready, it undergoes instant approval consideration based on costing and predefined formulas. This automated process not only saves an impressive 16 hours per workday that would have been spent on manual calculations and approval processes, but also reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies in pricing.

Quote Approval Status

Additionally, the centralized platform provided by Lark Base allows pricing leaders to access and edit prices anytime, anywhere, boosting on-the-go usage and providing better cost control.

Real-time Inventory Updates

Real-time Inventory Quantity & Status for Customer Quote

Through integration with its internal ERP system via an open API, Maha Chemicals now benefits from real-time visibility into chemical availability. The base form automatically derives real-time stock availability, providing instant visibility, even on the go. Furthermore, the integration allows for simplified stock level updates in the warehouse through a straightforward form submission. Sample inventory requests are also streamlined, with real-time updates on availability. These enhancements enable Maha Chemicals to streamline its supply chain and procurement processes, optimizing reorder points and automating replenishment orders, leading to more efficient operations and reduced costs.

Enhanced Customer Forecasting and Processes

Sales Forecasting Dashboard

Integration between Lark Base and the ERP system empowers Maha Chemicals to update customer information seamlessly. This integration enables visibility into crucial data such as customer transaction history and usage patterns. Leveraging real-time insights, the team can forecast customer demand accurately and proactively manage inventory levels. This improved forecasting capability enables Maha Chemicals to communicate effectively with suppliers, reducing lead times and ensuring timely deliveries. Moreover, streamlined sample requests through Base save valuable time for sales teams, allowing them to focus on core activities and enhancing customer service.

Efficient Lead Management System using Base and AnyCross

Maha Chemicals has streamlined its lead management process by consolidating leads from multiple sources and automating lead distribution using Base and AnyCross. By migrating SAP data to their data lake on AWS and subsequently to Base, Maha Chemicals ensures seamless data integration, providing a unified platform for lead management.

Additionally, the marketing team efficiently tracks content requests and prioritizes publishing using Base, resulting in significant time savings of 4.5 hours weekly. The platform also provides visibility into the progress of content requests for all relevant parties, enhancing collaboration and productivity within the organization. This streamlined approach drives efficiency and effectiveness in lead management, ultimately contributing to business growth.


Through strategic digitalization initiatives and innovative solutions, Maha Chemicals has successfully overcome operational challenges, driving efficiencies, and enhancing customer satisfaction. By embracing digital transformation, Maha Chemicals has strengthened its competitive position, demonstrating its commitment to excellence as a Sustainable Solutions Provider in Asian markets. The implementation of these solutions underscores Maha Chemicals' dedication to innovation, efficiency, and customer-centricity, positioning the company for sustained success in the dynamic chemical distribution landscape.

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Lark, bringing it all together

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Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries