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NDP Show Support Committee & Lark Set New Event Planning Standards

The NDP 2023 Show Support Committee utilized Lark to effectively coordinate the event, demonstrating how technology can streamline communication, enhance document security, and simplify operational logistics. This approach highlights the potential of digital tools for transforming event management, inspiring a new standard for organizing large-scale events.

Hsien Loong Chow

Sponsorship Manager

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The NDP2023 Show Support Committee comprises a dedicated team of professionals tasked with planning and executing Singapore's iconic National Day Parade. This group works tirelessly to ensure the event's success, meticulously orchestrating every detail from logistics to performances, embodying the spirit and celebration of the nation.


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The Singapore National Day Parade (NDP) stands as a vibrant testament to the nation's unity, heritage, and aspirations. Each year, this grand event unfolds with a spectacular display of parades, performances, and pyrotechnics, capturing the heart and spirit of Singapore. The organization of the NDP Show Support Committee, a task steeped in both honor and complexity, falls to a dedicated Show Support Committee, responsible for bringing this national celebration to life. In 2023, the committee faced the familiar challenge of orchestrating this large-scale event, which required meticulous planning, coordination of thousands of participants, and management of myriad logistical details, all under the watchful eyes of a nation united in celebration.

The Committee's Needs and the Role of a Comprehensive Tool

Given the scale and visibility of the NDP, the Show Support Committee's needs were multifaceted. They required a tool that could handle secure and efficient communication across various teams, manage sensitive documents with different access levels, and coordinate a wide array of operational logistics.

1. Customized Communication and Document Security

A solution like Lark offered a structured environment where access levels could be customized, ensuring that each group only accessed information pertinent to their role, thereby maintaining confidentiality.

NDP Organization Security Permission Setting
  • User-Level Customization: To manage the diverse needs of the committee, Lark allowed for the creation of different user profiles, each with specific access rights. For example, the Show Support Committee had broader access compared to civilian organizations, and sensitive documents were accessible only to authorized personnel. This ensured that confidential information remained secure and only those who needed it had access.

  • Activity Oversight and Continuity: Lark provided the management team with tools to oversee all communications and document exchanges within the platform. This feature was especially useful in maintaining the integrity and continuity of information, even when there were changes in team members. When someone leaves the team, their access could be revoked, and their contributions are retained, making the handover to new members smoother.

2. Efficient Information Dissemination and Resource Centralization

The committee needed to communicate efficiently without overloading members with irrelevant information. Segregating communications based on topics and relevance was crucial.

NDP Updates
  • Segmented Communication Channels: Recognizing the need for organized and targeted communication, Lark enabled the creation of specific group chats and announcement channels. For instance, logistical updates were confined to relevant personnel, while general announcements were broadcasted to the entire committee. This prevented information overload and ensured that each team received only pertinent updates.

  • Centralized Information Repository: Lark's centralized file storage and Wiki feature provided a one-stop repository for all event-related documents and resources. Whether it was rehearsal schedules, performance scripts, or logistic plans, everything was stored in an organized manner, easily searchable and accessible to those with the right permissions. This eliminated the inefficiency of sifting through endless message threads to find documents.

3. Operational Logistics and Resource Management

Inventory Management
  • Inventory Tracking with Forms: Managing the vast inventory of the NDP, from performance equipment to logistical supplies, was streamlined using Lark’s form feature. Each time an item like a chair or umbrella was loaned out or returned, the transaction was recorded via a simple form, triggering a notification to the inventory team. A real-time dashboard provided an up-to-date view of the inventory status, ensuring that all equipment was accounted for.

Bus and Personnel Reporting
  • Transport Coordination and Attendance Tracking: Lark’s form feature was also employed to manage the transportation logistics for rehearsals and event days. Each bus's movements were tracked through forms, providing GPS-based updates on departures and arrivals. This enabled swift coordination in case of delays or rerouting. Additionally, bus in-charges used forms to report attendance, ensuring each location was adequately staffed. This data fed into a dashboard, giving the committee a real-time overview of personnel distribution across the event.

Damage and Feedback Report
  • Damage Control and Feedback Mechanism: Using customized forms, participants and volunteers could report any damages or provide feedback instantly. This system allowed the maintenance team to respond swiftly to any issues, ensuring the smooth running of the event. Additionally, the feedback collected was a valuable resource for making immediate improvements and for planning future events, contributing significantly to the continuous enhancement of the parade experience.


The NDP 2023 Show Support Committee's partnership with Lark streamlined communication and document management, enhancing operational efficiency. Lark's customized solutions met the committee's unique needs, showcasing the role of technology in simplifying complex event planning.

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Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries