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Why Premiere Anti-Aging Co Chose Lark to Fuel Its Rapid Growth.

Thanks to Lark, Japanese beauty and lifestyle company, Premiere Anti-Aging Co can finally say sayonara to a messy, inefficient collaboration stack.

Xuan Jie

Senior Marketing Manager

"Since we have started using Lark, we hardly use other applications like PowerPoint. Lark Docs has allowed us to share and co-edit information more efficiently and the real-time interpretation and subtitling is an incredible feature for cross-border meetings."

Company Profile

Premier Antiaging Co Ltd is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of cosmetics. The Company is involved in the plan, development and sale of cosmetics and health foods.



Company Size




The Challenge

Premiere Anti-Aging Co’s rapid rise over the past decade meant that the company was always looking for a more scalable solution.

Its existing collaboration suite was mainly comprised of siloed apps like Gsuite, Slack and WeChat, that required multiple logins, individual credentials and specialized upkeep, not to mention the subscription costs. This led to inefficiency and greater friction as the brand continued to scale across Japan and the region.

Add to this an inability for most collaboration apps to work with teams in China, a major market for the company and it became evident to company management that this was a problem that needed to be solved.

The Lark Advantage

Premiere Anti-Aging Co was able to move key functions like chat and doc creation away from individual apps to Lark’s unified platform.

In particular Lark Docs was game changing for the company because of its ability to integrate directly with Lark Messenger, project management features like reminders as well as the ability to handle rich media like video and image files.

The company inserts flowcharts and UML modules directly into docs making it a truly unified way to display information.

Lark Messenger also improved communication between teams with its simple-yet-powerful design that didn’t require any specialized apps.

Also, with Lark’s ability to work cross-border, the team could do away with VPNs in order to collaborate with teams in China, improving regional communication immensely.

The Result

  • Lark has unified the company's communication and collaboration to one platform.

  • Man-hours saved thanks to a much more simplified software solution

  • Better collaboration with regional teams

  • Improved project management with rich Docs and Base.

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Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries

Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries