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How Voro Motors turbocharges their globally-dispersed business

Voro Motors is an electric scooter company that uses Lark to run their entire business together on one platform. With Lark, they are able to eliminate language barriers, work seamlessly across various time zones, and project manage various operations, such as scooter repairs, go-to-market strategies, employee onboarding, and approvals.

Melvin Lian

Founder of Voro Motors

"We previously used a lot of collaboration SaaS tools, but we switched over to Lark because it's an all-in-one collaboration platform. We don't have dispersed information across different software anymore and now, everything exists on just one platform. It helps me easily connect with my global team, even when 30% of our employees are based in Asia."

Company Profile

Founded in 2017, Voro Motors is an electric scooter and ecommerce ebike company, specializing in the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of electric scooters and offering a variety of premium brands. Their mission is to create electric scooters that serve as a safe primary mode of transportation.



Company Size



Los Angeles, CA

The Challenge

With over 30% of their team located globally, Voro Motors found it challenging to connect their distributed teams—especially between Asian regions and their California HQ. With a large team of over 110 employees, Voro Motors teammates struggled with remote communication and the organization felt scattered in terms of collaboration, operations, and workflows. Voro Motors was also juggling numerous collaboration tools, some of which were also not available for use in other global regions, did not integrate well with other software, and made their workflows more inefficient.

The Solution

With Lark, they were able to replace over six different collaboration tools and run their business on just one platform. "The main tools we moved from over to Lark were, Quora, Guru, Slack, Google Docs, and Wetransfer" says Melvin, the Founder of Voro Motors. With Lark, they are now able to centralize all operations—from manufacturing, employee communication, customer support, to even scooter repairs—and seamlessly connect their global team on one platform.

Breaking down language and time zone barriers

Voro Motors' employees come from various countries across the world and speak different languages. In order for the team to freely express their ideas and projects without any limitations, their team heavily relies on Lark's translation tools. "My favorite Lark feature is translation," says Melvin. "A lot of SaaS translation tools are not as instant as Lark. Lark translates within a second. For instance, Lark's video meetings provide real-time translated subtitles, so that employees are able to understand instantly and if they were to miss any part of the meeting, they can immediately catch up on what the speaker is saying with Lark's transcription."

Since almost half of their team is global, finding meeting times across various time zones is key. With Lark, users can pull everyone's calendar together and no longer need to manually calculate time zone differences. To prevent clashes and save time organizing meetings, Lark puts meeting attendees' schedules side-by-side that automatically maps out time zones, so that meeting organizers can automatically spot out suitable meeting times. "This was not available in Google Calendar, so having it within Lark is extremely helpful," says Melvin.

Lark calendar app with side-by-side cross border calendars

With transpacific communication comes different knowledge-specific vocabulary words, abbreviations, or region-specific terms at Voro Motors. "Lingo is also a great feature to describe a component differently from a different country than someone in the US." With Lark's Lingo feature, all employees can add terms to the Lark Lingo dictionary, where it enables users to view a definition card and related resources to those specific terms when terminology pops up across the entire Lark platform. That way, users can learn and understand vocabulary immediately and ultimately work even faster.

Project management and collaboration made easy

To keep the company connected, all employees use Lark chat and even external vendors use to communicate with each other. Voro Motors has chat threads for all departments to keep conversations streamlined and heavily use the "reply in thread" feature to avoid data dumping into the main chat.

Not only do they use chat, but they also use Lark's collaborative tools, like Docs, Sheets, and Base, which they view as their centralized source of truth. All of their documentation exists within Lark, so they can use Lark's universal search to quickly find relevant items across the entire app. "With Lark's collaborative tools, our GTM products launch a lot faster, and our team works faster. For instance, our Chinese engineers can automatically translate a document into English to dissect the information and put it in a simple to understand format so they can execute faster."

Plus, with Lark Base, they can collaborate cross-departments with their repair team to find out the status of scooter repairs and what has been completed. They have built out graphs to track repair data in one dashboard that updates in real time and use Forms within Base as well to gather warranty information.

Moreover, when it comes to Voro Motors content creation, they store large media files on the cloud through Lark. "One large benefit to Lark is being able to store large files, which is quite underappreciated. Any company that does production marketing and makes large video content for marketing will find it extremely useful ," says Melvin.

With Lark's integrations, they are also able to connect other tools, such as Google Calendar and Email, to make their work more flexible.

Streamlining employee management

Voro Motors employs Lark for onboarding new employees, utilizing its features for daily operations and standard operating procedures (SOP's) through Lark documents. They also build out automation tools to manage their employees, such as for checklists, reminders, and scheduling.

Sheets, databases, and flow charts can even be embedded into Lark documents, so the document can serve as a rich media knowledge base for employees. "The Base flow chart is amazing, and communicating the information in doc format is super easy. It allows us to communicate crucial processes. For instance, people can immediately understand what a finance approval process is like and act upon it immediately," says Melvin.

In addition, for internal approval use cases such as repairs, OOO approvals, travel expenses, and business transactions, they use Lark Approvals to centralize all requests in one place. "We use lark approvals a lot. Not just for approvals, but also time clock correction which we have preset templates for too. HR softwares like ADP, Paychex do not have a process for time clock correction, so that's why Lark is super helpful. We highly recommend Lark as your go-to collaboration platform, especially if your team is dispersed."

Interested in learning more about Voro Motors? Check out their website!

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Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries

Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries

Trusted by fast growing companies from 125+ countries