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With Lark, WL&H Medical Brings Personalized Medicine to the Masses

For WL&H Medical, a Singapore-based company pioneering Personalized Precision Medicine in the Asia Pacific region, Lark offered a flexible all-in-one solution that allowed the team to scale with confidence.

Christopher Yan


"Lark exceeded all of our expectations. We felt that they understood what was necessary to manage a team, particularly in an SME environment where you have to manage issues with finite resources."

Company Profile

Wellness Lifestyle & Health Group is a Singapore based company that provides medical services with the goal of preventing disease and enhancing personal wellness through specialist crafted health screenings and actionable programs.



The Challenge

The team at WL&H was struggling with basic human resource functions such as leave tracking and reimbursements

The company also relied on a paper-based system to track staff’s entitlements as well as holding physical meetings where staff had to take notes on paper to ensure that information was recorded and kept track of.

Management explored many other team management programs, however, all of these programs came with limitations, be it in terms of features, users and pricing.

Furthermore, in most cases the company would have to pay for one program, which would lack certain functions, such as chat or leave management and then we would have to pay for another program to make up for the missing features.

The Lark Advantage

  • Utilizing Larks’ approval app to create a reimbursement process which made it easier for staff to do claims and other admin tasks.

  • Lark has by far the most robust chat functions of all the programs the team had used. They were able to use the chat to discuss topics, make meeting notes and send files as well as make company-wide announcements.

  • As a medical company WL&H has utilised the cloud drive to create separate databases for each of medical teams, allowing them to have specialised databases for each of their respective areas.

  • The universal calendar function has made it easier for staff to track events that are relevant to them in one place, instead of having to check multiple team calendars.

The Result

  • WL&H was able to cut significant man hours used for admin

  • Better communication between different teams

  • Greater cost savings as all the tools needed were bundled in one package

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Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.

Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.


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Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.