🪄Dream, connect, do: 12 Lark Base x OpenAI workflows to fuel productivity

🪄Dream, connect, do: 12 Lark Base x OpenAI workflows to fuel productivity

Portrait of Jess Cheung Lark's Author
Portrait of Jess Cheung Lark's Author

Jess Cheung

August 8, 2023


Aug 8, 2023


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We all have times when we want to accelerate work with the help of AI, but get tired of repeating prompts. The challenge starts with getting your own AI prompt generator.

We decided to handle the job using our own product and we are introducing AI Autofill in Lark Base. By connecting your OpenAI account with Lark Base, you can generate custom prompts using the prompt template and data fields that you have set up. The results will be automatically filled in. Let’s unfold the details ↓

Where can I use it at all?

Using Lark Base x OpenAI, you are able to get an AI prompt generator and a smart writer to accelerate your business.

AI Autofill in Lark Base can serve as your own AI prompt generator and work accelerator, helping you progress your work with ease. The possibilities are endless, but here are 12 workflows you can set up based on your team type and need, from more efficient operations to better content creation and faster issue resolution.

Customer service: Ensure customer satisfaction

When it comes to addressing customer inquiries and concerns, satisfaction is the ultimate key performance indicator (KPI). The sooner your team is able to settle on a satisfactory solution, the more satisfied your customers will be. Instead of repeatedly consulting the service guidebook, Lark Base's AI Autofill feature can help you stay responsive to customer needs by serving as your own AI prompt generator and service assistant.

Send order confirmations automatically using OpenAI and Lark Base.
  • Wholesale order confirmation: If you use Lark Base to organize and track your wholesale orders, your business development representatives can input order details for the AI prompt generator to write up a request, then have AI come back with an order summary to confirm with the client. When paired with SendGrid in Lark Base, the content can be put in an email and sent to the client as a confirmation automatically.

  • Retail customer feedback tagging: When using Lark Base to collect customer feedback, retail store staff can easily sort and analyze the feedback by using AI to categorize customer feedback with a specific set of tags defined in the prompt, and summarize the improvement needed from there. This saves the store team time manually sorting and tagging feedback, and can gain insights on how to change more quickly.

  • Hotel guest request response: Using Lark Base to collect and handle guest requests from hotel customers, the hotel service team can now leverage AI to screen a customer's preference based on the request submitted, and provide a suggested response. Even a new service staff can work like a pro with the suggested answer right on the phone.

Operations: Leave no issue overnight

Often, operations teams aim to address requests efficiently before they escalate and disrupt operational flows. However, this requires experience, knowledge, and often a calm demeanor to consistently handle complex questions. With the AI prompt generator and troubleshoot master in place, your teams can further streamline operations while optimizing time usage.

Use Lark and OpenAI to generate prompts in bulk and create content efficiently. Your AI prompt generator is at your fingertips.
  • Shift handover checklist: When changing shifts at a restaurant, some needs and requests require continued attention. Instead of writing them down on sticky notes that may get lost, restaurant employees can leverage Lark Base to submit a shift report. AI can then suggest a checklist based on the report for the next person on shift to check off accordingly.

  • Hotel maintenance request prioritization: With many rooms being booked and maintained concurrently during the busy season, hotel maintenance teams can better use their time by getting the AI to sort the maintenance tasks. Hotel staff can input different room maintenance needs, and AI can suggest which ones to prioritize based on the estimated time needed to clean up and reset.

  • Retail security incident response: To better close the loop of incident response, security teams often need not only the solution to an incident but also ways to make sure such incidents won't happen again. With autofill in place, security staff at a retail store can input details of a security incident via Lark Base, and AI can provide recommendations for immediate actions or future preventive measures based on the incident details given.

  • Manufacturing quality assurance: Many factory shops need to better organize, track, and improve quality assurance for better product quality. AI can help automate quality evaluation. For example, workers on the production lines can input measurements or test results of a produced item, and AI can confirm if it is within acceptable standards or not, immediately.

  • Manufacturing fault troubleshooting: Instead of routing every single issue to a solution engineer, frontline workers can submit the potential defects they spot during inspections. AI can then read through the defect description and decide on the level of severity based on the guidance provided in the prompt. This helps sort and prioritize issues and route them separately to the right teams for processing.

Sales and marketing: Seal every deal with confidence

Sales and marketing teams can enhance their strategies and messages by leveraging the power of customer understanding to the best. An AI prompt generator and writer can assist in creating customized prompts that consider key selling elements and keep the teams responsive to client interests, preventing the interests from getting cold.

  • Product launch planning: A marketing team member can input a new product's key features, target audience, and other relevant information, and AI can generate a concise product launch brief. This provides something to start with for the marketing team to expand into a well-rounded plan.

  • Bulk Copywriting: Businesses, such as real estate agencies or e-commerce merchants, often need to create blurbs for a long list of products for listing. With AI assistance, a marketing specialist can now easily generate customized listing copies in bulk based on the product information provided. AI can help create compelling and effective copy based on the information given and selling points provided in the prompt template.

  • Ideas for upselling: Sales teams don't have to search through a whole product catalog to determine their upselling strategy. Instead, they can input the challenges that a prospect is facing and the products that they are interested in. AI can then suggest related items for upselling, leveraging the product list in the prompt template to accelerate the strategy formation process.

  • Sales technique generation: When attempting to sell a product to customers in a retail setting, retail staff can input information about a product in which a customer is interested. AI can then provide tips on effectively selling the product in-store, thereby improving the sales skills of staff, particularly those who are new to the business.

I'm down. How does it work?

No matter what team or business you are in, you can follow the three steps below to get your AI-powered workflow up and running. After you register for a Lark tenant and build a Base for your work, here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Find the magic wand.

When setting up a new field in Lark Base, click "AI Generate" to start.

Step 2: Insert your prompt template, once and for all.

In the configuration box, key in your prompt template and insert the fields that you'd like OpenAI to take into consideration. Before you hit Generate, make sure you paste in your OpenAI API key. If you are looking to get some prompt templates to start, read more here.

Step 3: Whip the magic wand.

Once set, you will be able to get the field auto-populated. Whenever you make any changes to data in fields you refer to in your prompt or you change the prompt itself, simply go back to the configuration and Voilà, the content is updated accordingly.

What's next?

With its customizable prompt templates and data fields, Lark Base's Autofill feature, powered by OpenAI, can uplevel your team's productivity. You can generate AI prompts that fit your team's specific needs and get the input needed to continue the work, saving time and improving efficiency.

Whether you're in customer service, operations, sales and marketing, or any other field, Autofill in Lark Base can help you streamline your workflows and achieve better results. Join the waitlist today to be among the first to harness the power of AI in Lark Base ↓

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