Get more power from your CRM: 5 magic moments by integrating Salesforce with Lark

Get more power from your CRM: 5 magic moments by integrating Salesforce with Lark

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Portrait of Jess Cheung Lark's Author

Jess Cheung

July 13, 2023


Jul 13, 2023


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Are you tired of purchasing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that proves to be more of a hindrance to your sales team? Many businesses find out that the time and energy required to learn how to use the CRM system exceeds the benefits that sales teams can derive from it.

By integrating your CRM system with everyday collaboration, you can remove the hindrance and get the most out of what you buy. In this blog, we'll show you what you can do with Salesforce x Lark integration in place, using Lark AnyCross.

To begin with: What is CRM?

Let's take a moment to understand what CRM is and the types of CRM that businesses should use based on their business type, size, and stage of growth. CRM is a system that helps businesses manage their customer interactions, relationships, and data. There are three main types of CRM, and businesses usually choose one based on their goals and objectives, or create one by themselves using no-code or low-code business applications.

Why should I consider integrating my CRM?

Using CRM as a standalone system presents challenges that could hinder your business growth. These challenges include but not limited to

  • App toggling creates unnecessary work for sales teams, who have to switch between various tools such as the collaboration platform, CRM system, and others. (By the way, toggling less can save you both time and money, and here is how)

  • Delays in the sales process can occur due to a lack of synchronization. Sales teams need to manually check back in the system to add notes, change lead status, and identify red flags. This process can result in missed opportunities.

  • Isolated systems create silos, which impede efficient team collaboration. For example, the full notes about a prospect may be partially saved in your CRM, with the latest ones still in a colleague’s laptop. It can be difficult to follow up effectively with incomplete information.

  • Interpreting data in Salesforce can be a challenging task, leading to a limited view of business performance. Business owners and sales leaders need a comprehensive understanding of their lead pipeline and revenue change. However, the system can get complex to use without the assistance of an analyst.

I’m ready to see the magic. Tell me more?

Integrating your CRM system with everyday collaboration can help businesses overcome these challenges and derive more value from their CRM. By merging silos and eliminating lags, your sales team can not only operate more efficiently, but also boost your business with confidence.

Here are the five magic moments, as voted by our clients, from the Salesforce integration with Lark:

1. Understand sales performance instantly

Salesforce is great for recording every detail of your sales records, but it doesn't necessarily provide insights behind the data. Often, a data analyst is needed to export and analyze the data, and help identify patterns. This can result in decisions being made based on outdated reports.

However, by integrating Salesforce with Lark, you can immediately see how your sales efforts are performing. The integration synchronizes all sales data onto one table using Lark Base. Analysts no longer need to manually create reports every week, as all the key insights are visualized on Lark Base's dashboard. This enables managers and business owners to make informed decisions quickly.

By integrating Salesforce with Lark, you can easily view and analyze your CRM data from within Lark Base and customize how you want to look at the numbers.

2. Stay on top of sales progress

Locating the correct information has become a new challenge for modern sales teams. Integration is here to change the dynamic: instead of having the team search for the correct information, Lark can push automated notifications to relevant stakeholders tagged in Salesforce via integration, whenever there is an update on the lead.

Through Lark and Salesforce integration, you can easily stay up to date on sales progress. The information will find you, instead of the other way around.

Notifications can come in many forms, such as customer status changes, inquiries, and win wires. By receiving notifications, teams can stay updated and informed, and quickly react to client changes in order to save a deal. Business owners can also benefit significantly from periodic revenue and lead quantity summaries.

3. Locate client information with one click

If your team has struggled with finding the right client in Salesforce, it's time to say goodbye to those days. By integrating with Lark, each of your clients becomes a term in your corporate encyclopedia and is clickable whenever mentioned in chats, documents, or searches.

With the Salesforce integration in place, you can easily get client information whenever there is a need through Lark Lingo. There is no need to search in Salesforce again and again.

When clicking on a client name in Lark, Lark Lingo will display an introduction to your sales team, with profile links directing them to dive deeper into client engagement histories and follow-up records in Salesforce. This allows continued sales or service efforts with context in mind.

4. Always on time for customer visits

To ensure that team members attend client visits on time, it is important to mark them on their calendars. With the Salesforce integration in Lark, teams no longer need to manually set up calendar holds for client visits booked in Salesforce. Instead, all invitations will sync to Lark Calendar, ensuring timely attendance and proactive preparation.

5. No more “what’s the password?"

Sales teams can start their day with ease by accessing Salesforce directly from Lark with the Salesforce integration. Single sign-on (SSO) allows authorized employees, including sales representatives, sales managers, and business owners, to access Salesforce using the same credentials as for Lark. This helps them avoid the panic of being unable to access the CRM system, especially when they are on the go and need the information.


Integrating your CRM system with everyday collaboration platforms like Lark can help you unlock the full potential of your CRM. Your sales and customer success teams can work and collaborate more smoothly by using one app for everything. Managers and business owners can see revenue insights in a timely manner and make informed decisions based on the latest patterns.

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