Easy e-commerce order management: 3 ways to boost Shopify operations on Lark

Easy e-commerce order management: 3 ways to boost Shopify operations on Lark

Portrait of Jess Cheung Lark's Author
Portrait of Jess Cheung Lark's Author

Jess Cheung

October 9, 2023


Oct 9, 2023


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Order management is crucial for e-commerce merchants as it impacts customer satisfaction and business efficiency. However, for those who are just starting their business, many order management systems on the market may be too extensive or expensive to use.

If you're looking for an affordable yet effective solution, keep reading as the latest Lark x Shopify integration, buildable using Lark Anycross, might just be your answer.👇

To begin with: 3 things to consider

To start an e-commerce order management system of your own, there are several factors you should keep in mind to ensure successful order fulfillment:

  • Order Notifications: Timely notifications of new orders ensure you can react quickly and optimize inventory and shipping management. With this feature, you can receive notifications via email or SMS, and even customize them to your preference.

  • Catalog Management: Keeping your product catalog updated and synchronized to avoid over-selling and stockouts. By having a centralized catalog management system, you can easily add, update, or remove products from your catalog and ensure that all your sales channels have the latest information.

  • Data Analytics: Analyzing your order data can help you identify trends and make informed business decisions. By having access to complete order records and analytics, you can gain insight into your sales performance, customer preference, and other important metrics.

In addition, you should consider the ease of building and utilizing this e-commerce order management system. It should not result in additional development or maintenance costs and should remain affordable as your business scales up.

3 ways of using Lark to manage Shopify

Using Lark AnyCross, Shopify merchants can get notified when there are new orders, consolidate their order records onto Lark Base, and use Lark Base to update their catalogs on Shopify.

In addition to being your daily collaboration suite, Lark can also be your one-stop work platform where you manage your business on Shopify, addressing the considerations above with its latest integration. Here are three different ways you can integrate Lark with your Shopify, using Lark AnyCross:

Update Shopify catalogs from Lark Base

Uploading and syncing catalogs manually can be a cumbersome task. With the new integration, you can use Lark Base as your centralized system to manage your catalogs. Adding a new record to Lark Base will automatically create a product in Shopify, making e-commerce catalog management more efficient.

Get Lark notifications for new Shopify orders

This workflow is triggered when a new order is created in Shopify. A message card containing the order information will be sent to a designated Lark user. This ensures timely e-commerce order notifications for better Shopify order management, and can help you accelerate confirmation-to-shipping time.

Add new Shopify orders to Lark Base

This workflow automatically syncs new paid orders created in Shopify to Lark Base. This automated archiving of order records facilitates further data analytics and e-commerce management. You can leverage Base's dashboards to create visualized analysis in just a few clicks, allowing you to monitor your order growth in real-time.

How to connect Shopify with Lark

Merchants can simply use Lark’s Anycross templates to build above integration, where workflows can be built in a drag-and-drop manner. The triggers and actions of the above workflows are all pre-set for users, simplifying the process of setting up your order management system for e-commerce.

Once connected, Lark can help Shopify merchants improve several aspects of their e-commerce operations:

  • Centralization: Having a centralized location for order data and product catalogs can improve e-commerce management. Additionally, you no longer need to take screenshots, forward messages, or copy and paste information across multiple apps. Instead, you can work on updates within Lark without having to switch between different applications.

  • Affordability: Lark offers an all-in-one work platform, saving merchants time and money by eliminating the need to purchase multiple tools for business chat, emails, meetings, and order management. This means you don't have to pay for and manage multiple tools across video conferencing, project management, business processes, and more (while shedding a few tears every month when paying the bills).


Lark's integration with Shopify automates key order management processes, ensuring timely notifications, automating data archiving, and synchronizing product catalogs. This helps e-commerce businesses with customer satisfaction, inventory management, and business efficiency.

As a one-stop work platform, Lark provides a suite of tools that pair with the integration to streamline your business operations beyond order management. From communication and collaboration to task management and document sharing, everything can be done on Lark.

Interested in trying out this integration on Lark? Reach out to the Lark team for more information or explore more content on our website to learn how Lark can help you operate your business more efficiently.