Introducing Lark + TikTok Integration: track your TikTok ads performance!

Introducing Lark + TikTok Integration: track your TikTok ads performance!

Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author
Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author

Ivy Yang

September 20, 2023


Sep 20, 2023


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Are you promoting ads on TikTok to boost your business? In order to launch effective marketing campaigns, gathering real-time insights to drive data-backed decisions is essential. When it comes to TikTok advertising, Lark can help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Let's dive into it!

Lark helps you better understand your customers and what they need.

Lark is a powerful all-in-one collaboration tool, with chat, email, docs, and databases in one app. One of Lark's features, Base, is a no-code database that empowers business owners, marketing managers, sales leaders, and more to build personalized dashboards. Whether it's marketing campaign performance, revenue data, or leads information, track real-time data of all kinds and build automated workflows to further increase your productivity and efficiency.

With Lark's Anycross integration with TikTok, gather customer insights and data, track interactions, and build marketing strategy from scratch to boost your business to the next level.

Easily analyze your TikTok Ads campaigns

Sync Lark with your TikTok ads campaigns and directly compare performance results, such as amount spent, profile views, click through rates, link clicks, ad spends, and profile views. With Base, easily visualize data into line charts, bar graphs, and more.

Lark Base will automatically calculate results, such as percentage growth, total amounts, and quantitative changes, so users don't need to waste time to decipher numbers manually. As a marketing leader, CEO, or social media manager, immediately recognize the difference in effectiveness between various campaigns to understand what resonates with your customers most. Better campaigns, better business performance.

Track your TikTok account metrics in real time

By syncing Lark with your TikTok account, track your social media performance metrics, such as follower count, engagement rate and more—all in one dashboard.

This integration helps you get social metrics synced directly into a Base dashboard so you can view all essential data anytime and anywhere, even on your phone when you're on the go. Through tracking data over time, you can easily understand your views or growth patterns over time—and understand how you can improve your profile presence.

Act upon your leads immediately

For certain ads on TikTok, make a call-to-action form that your prospective leads fill out and automatically get notified in chat every time a lead fills out the form. And don't worry about manually filtering through all the form responses: Base gathers all the answers together in a dashboard and automatically categorizes them.

By syncing Lark with TikTok Ads to get notified in Lark chat every time a lead fills out your TikTok ad form, you can follow up on your leads promptly and close sales cycles faster.


Lark can help you and your business effectively launch and track TikTok ad campaigns. Boost your business to the next level through analyzing real-time data and deriving actionable insights. Get started today!

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