Lark vs Workplace by Meta: Which communication platform is best for your team in 2024?

Lark vs Workplace by Meta: Which communication platform is best for your team in 2024?

Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author
Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author

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April 12, 2024


Apr 12, 2024


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Lark vs Workplace by Meta
Lark vs Workplace by Meta
Lark vs Workplace by Meta
Lark vs Workplace by Meta

Lark and Workplace by Meta are prominent collaboration platforms that boost team efficiency. While Lark focuses on creating a digital collaboration hub and fostering operational excellence with tools for centralized communication, project management, digital workflows, and workflow automation, Workplace by Meta emphasizes community-driven collaboration. Both platforms cater to diverse organizational needs in team collaboration. In this comprehensive comparison, we will examine the primary attributes of each platform to assist you in making a well-informed choice for your team.

Lark Vs. Workplace by Meta Overview

What is Lark?

Lark is more than just a collaboration tool; it's a transformative platform that shapes how teams work. By seamlessly integrating messaging, video conferencing, schedule management, collaborative documents, cloud storage, email, AI integrations and workflow applications, Lark offers a unified collaboration experience across all devices. 

What is Workplace by Meta?

Workplace by Meta is a comprehensive business communication platform tailored for enterprises, designed to unite your entire organization through various features, including groups, chat, live video, content hubs, and more. One of Workplace by Meta's standout features is its familiar user interface, resembling Facebook's, ensuring widespread familiarity and ease of use among employees.

It seamlessly integrates with widely used applications like Office 365, Google Suite, and over 50 other business tools, allowing teams to leverage their preferred applications for maximum productivity.

Lark Vs. Workplace by Meta: Features

In this section, we will compare the features of Lark and Workplace by Meta to help you determine which platform best meets your team's needs.

Lark features vs. Workplace by Meta features

While both Lark and Workplace by Meta offer comprehensive collaboration solutions, Lark emphasizes the seamless integration of various tools and efficient communication processes. At the same time, Workplace by Meta focuses on connectivity, familiarity, and community building within the organization. Here are the features:

Lark Docs compared Vs. Text Editor from Workplace

Lark Docs stands out for its features, tailored for comprehensive document creation. Its advanced collaboration, formatting options, version history tracking, and seamless integration with other Lark tools provide a holistic solution for teams to create and edit documents efficiently.

On the other hand, Workplace's text editor emphasizes simplicity and accessibility. It offers basic formatting options and easy integration with broader features like messaging and groups. Workplace from Meta prioritizes sharing documents from several cloud-based platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, over creating complex documents from scratch.

Lark Docs caters to users who require advanced document editing capabilities and seamless collaboration, while the Workplace text editor provides a straightforward solution for quick and easy document creation within the Workplace.

Lark Messenger vs. Workplace Messenger

Lark Messenger provides a user-friendly interface with features such as concurrent messaging, file sharing, and emoji reactions, facilitating efficient and engaging communication among team members. Additionally, Lark's messaging platform integrates seamlessly with other Lark features like video calls and task management, promoting a cohesive workflow and streamlined communication. In addition to Lark Messenger, Lark email provides a free and secure business email integration that lets you easily send and receive emails across multiple devices. Email can be shared with team members via messenger in one click where necessary.

On the other hand, Workplace messaging offers much simpler functionalities, enabling users to exchange messages, share files, and react to messages with emojis. Workplace Messaging may need more advanced integrations (some available in Lark) and customization options to make it a fully flexible communication tool. 

Lark Calendar vs. Workplace Events: 

Lark Calendar provides intuitive features for scheduling meetings, setting reminders, and efficiently managing attendees. Its integration with personal calendars and other productivity apps enhances workflow integration, allowing users to sync schedules effortlessly. Lark's collaborative approach also enables team members to coordinate schedules and plan events collaboratively, fostering better coordination and productivity. 

Workplace Events offers similar functionalities for organizing events and managing attendees, albeit with potentially fewer integrations and customization options for teams. 

Lark Drive with Workplace Files: 

Lark Drive provides generous storage options, including up to 100GB of free storage and 1TB of paid storage. This lets teams securely store documents, files, and resources in the cloud. With Lark, users can access their files from any device, ensuring seamless collaboration and productivity regardless of location. Lark prioritizes data security, employing strong encryption protocols and access controls to safeguard sensitive information stored in the cloud.

On the other hand, Workplace files offer ample 5 GB of free storage for organizations to store and share files securely. While the storage capacity may vary depending on the organization's plan, Workplace provides accessibility across devices. 

Lark Vs. Workplace by Meta: Pricing

Lark offers a range of pricing plans suitable for different team sizes, starting with a free option and scaling up to enterprise-level solutions. Each plan includes unlimited chats, secure email, and meeting capabilities.

On the other hand, Workplace by Meta's Core Plan provides basic communication and collaboration tools at $4/user with a one-month free trial.

Lark Vs. Workplace by Meta: Team Flexibility

Lark is designed for businesses aiming to improve team effectiveness and operational excellence in the office and field. It is the ultimate choice for all teams, especially in frontline industries, including F&B, retail, and store operations. Lark's intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it an ideal choice for teams across various industries. Its adaptability to different work environments, whether remote or office-based, ensures that teams can seamlessly transition between different modes of work without compromising productivity or efficiency. With specialized tools like tasks, providing checklists, maximizing workflow on the go, seamlessly connecting dispersed teams, and ensuring streamlined communication and enhanced productivity. Its versatility finds resonance across freelancers, large enterprises, mid-size businesses, non-profits, public administrations, and small businesses.

Workplace by Meta provides a more suitable workplace for functional and cross-functional teams that need the minimum features to function. However, it might not offer the specific features and functionalities required to streamline operations and enhance collaboration.

Lark Vs. Workplace by Meta: Project Management

Both Lark and Workplace by Meta offer features to streamline workflows and enhance team collaboration. Here's a breakdown of how they compare in key project management aspects:

Workspace and Project Organization:

Lark offers strong features tailored for efficient project management, making it a comprehensive all-in-one platform. One of its standout features is Tasks, which enables teams to create, assign, and track tasks seamlessly within the platform. This functionality streamlines task management, ensuring accountability and progress tracking across projects. Lark's support for Project timelines, Objectives, & key results (OKRs) further enhances project planning and execution. 

Lark excels in project organization by offering a centralized workspace where teams can efficiently structure projects, documents, and discussions. Its intuitive interface simplifies navigation and categorization, allowing team members to access relevant information easily. By consolidating project-related content in one place, Lark promotes collaboration and ensures all stakeholders remain informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.

Workplace by Meta offers less complex capabilities for organizing projects within groups or teams. Users can create dedicated groups for specific projects, departments, or initiatives, providing a clear path for collaboration and communication.

Project Tracking

Lark offers project-tracking tools that enable teams to monitor progress, deadlines, and milestones. With Lark Base, users can set up task lists, assign responsibilities, and track the status of individual tasks within projects. Additionally, Lark Meegle is a Jira alternative for project management. It provides visibility into project timelines and dependencies, allowing for better coordination and resource allocation.

Workplace by Meta facilitates project tracking through features like task assignments, events, due dates, and progress updates. Teams can create task lists within groups and monitor task completion through status updates and notifications.

Task management

Lark’s task management features include task creation, assignment, prioritization, and scheduling. Users can create tasks directly within conversations or documents, assign them to team members, and set deadlines. Lark also provides task reminders and notifications to ensure timely completion.

Workplace by Meta simplifies task management through intuitive features like task creation, assignment, and tracking. Users can create tasks within group chats or posts, assign them to specific team members, and monitor progress through updates and comments. 

Workflow automation

Lark offers workflow automation to streamline repetitive tasks and processes. Users can create custom workflows using Lark's automation tools, such as task triggers, approvals, and notifications. Lark Approvals in particular help you create and automate approval processes such as payments, leave approvals, and other HR matters.

Compared to Lark, Workplace by Meta provides limited workflow automation features. While users can create automated processes using third-party integrations and bots, the platform's native automation capabilities are basic. 

AI Features

Lark incorporates AI-driven features to enhance productivity and collaboration. These include AI-powered insights, AI-powered fields, intelligent suggestions, and predictive analytics, which help teams make data-driven decisions and optimize workflows.

Workplace by Meta: Meta currently lacks native AI features. Instead, it focuses on providing a straightforward collaboration platform. While users can integrate third-party AI tools and applications, it does not offer built-in AI capabilities for project management.

Lark Vs. Workplace by Meta: Collaboration and Communication

Efficient collaboration and communication are fundamental pillars of any team or organization. Lark and Workplace by Meta offer features to facilitate seamless interaction and teamwork. They include:

Messaging and chat

Lark redefines messaging and chat with its platform, offering individual and group chats seamlessly integrated with file sharing and real-time document collaboration. Communication flows effortlessly with Lark, supported by rich media options, including images, videos, language translations and voice messages. Moreover, Lark's built-in translation feature ensures smooth communication across diverse language backgrounds.

Workplace by Meta provides a messaging and chat experience through group creation functionalities and file-sharing capabilities. While similar to Lark, some users may find the interface less intuitive, potentially impacting communication fluidity.

Video conferencing and meetings

Lark Meetings stands out with its high-definition video and audio quality. Coupled with interactive features like virtual backgrounds and live reactions, they make virtual collaboration engaging and effective. A core strength of Lark meetings is its ability to transcribe multiple languages, provide subtitles and translations to enhance cross-border communication.

Meanwhile, Workplace by Meta's live video broadcasting feature benefits organizations by enabling seamless company-wide communication through live video streams. 

Document collaboration

Lark excels in document collaboration. It allows teams to edit and comment on documents in real time, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. The platform supports various file formats and language translation, facilitating smooth collaboration on projects of any complexity.

Similarly, Workplace by Meta offers content hubs for centralized document storage and collaboration, enhancing accessibility and information sharing across teams. While effective, some users may find the document editing experience less impressive.

Integration and customization

Lark shines with its extensive integration capabilities. Lark AnyCross helps users seamlessly connect with over twenty third-party applications and services to enhance collaboration and workflow efficiency. Its open API and developer platform empower users and ensure maximum flexibility and customization.

On the other hand, Workplace by Meta integrates seamlessly with popular business applications like Office 365, dropbox, and Google Suite, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity. However, its customization options may be more limited than those of Lark.

Lark Vs Workplace by Meta: Storage, Security, and Organization

Efficient storage, strong security measures, and streamlined organization are crucial aspects of any collaboration platform. Lark and Workplace by Meta prioritize these features to ensure teams can work effectively and securely. Let's compare their approaches to storage, security, and organization:


Lark offers generous cloud storage options, providing users 100GB of free and 1TB of paid storage space to securely store documents, files, and other resources.

Workplace by Meta offers 5GB of free cloud storage and 1TB of paid storage options for individuals; the storage capacity may vary depending on the organization's plan. 


Lark prioritizes data security and employs strong protocols to protect user data and communications. Powered by AWS cloud services, Lark follows a defense-in-depth approach, covering infrastructure, network, data, and application security. It offers data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and efficient document privacy and access control.

On the other hand, the Workplace emphasizes security and privacy and benefits from Meta's security infrastructure. It adheres to industry standards and compliance requirements. 


Lark provides the best tools for organizing and structuring content within the platform. It allows users to create channels, groups, content silos, and workspaces. Lark offers advanced search functionality, enabling users to locate files, messages, and other content quickly. 

Workplace by Meta’s major content organization happens in groups, sub-groups, and communities.

Lark Vs. Workplace by Meta: Which should you choose?

Choosing between Lark and Workplace by Meta depends on your team or organization's unique needs and priorities. To help you make an informed decision, let's compare the key features of both platforms:

Is Lark better?

Lark presents a compelling option for teams seeking an all-in-one collaboration platform. With its seamless integration of messaging, video conferencing, document collaboration, task management, and workflow automation, Lark streamlines team communication and boosts productivity. Lark's strict security measures, generous storage options, and AI-driven features set it apart as a comprehensive solution for modern teams. While Workplace from Meta offers simplicity and familiarity, Lark's extensive feature set and customization options make it preferable for organizations prioritizing advanced collaboration tools and efficiency.


Lark emerges as a powerful contender for teams seeking a versatile and efficient collaboration platform. Its comprehensive features, including messaging, video conferencing, document collaboration, task management, and workflow automation, streamline communication and enhance productivity.

On the other hand, if your team prioritizes simplicity and familiarity, Workplace by Meta offers a user-friendly interface reminiscent of Facebook, making it easy for employees to adopt and use. Workplace by Meta's live video broadcasting feature is ideal for engaging large audiences, while its integration with popular business applications enhances productivity.

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