What is Magic Share by Lark?

Feb 10, 2023

Feb 10, 2023

· 3 min read

· 3 min read

Collaborating over video meetings is very much the new normal in today's business environment.

Think about it though, how often have you been in such meetings only to hear classic phrases like "who is sharing their screen?" or "could you please scroll up, I didn't catch what you just said?"

We spend so much time trying to create an ideal collaborative environment only to be held back by a lack of intuitive technology. In order to deal with this challenge, we are thrilled to announce Magic Share, a brand new feature built right into Lark!

In essence, Magic Share allows anyone to share a file during a video meeting, and for all the participants to co-edit the file right within the video call window. There's no need to constantly switch between different tabs or apps to make edits, and your colleagues won't see the rest of your busy screen when you share. Say goodbye to embarrassing tabs popping up or downtime while people fumble around to find the right file!

Best of all, Magic Share works like a charm on mobile devices, meaning there's no dip in the level of contribution from teammates who are on the go.

How Does Magic Share Work?

It's simple to start using Magic Share during your next video meeting.

First, the presenter brings up the file via the share function, adjusting view or edit permissions and the like as you can see below.

As the file is being shared, participants are viewing at the presenter's pace by default. However, participants can also scroll through at their own pace by clicking anywhere on the file.

If your team is working on a single doc with multiple presenters, there is no need to designate one poor soul as the "clicker" or pause to have different people share their screen. The next presenter just clicks the "take control" button and now they can control the flow without missing a beat.

A particularly cool feature of Magic Share is the ability for everyone in the meeting to edit files in various formats straight within the call window.

Magic Share works seamlessly with Lark Docs and Sheets, and we are looking to add more file support in the future. Simultaneous collaboration has never been easier!

Magic Share is optimized for all screen sizes so you can be on the same page with your team, even when you're on the run.

A Simple Magic Share Scenario

To help put all this awesome-ness into perspective, here is a simple scenario that really showcases the power of Magic Share:

Say you are leading a diverse team with different roles and need to create a proposal for a potential big-name client. Working remotely, this probably means a lot of documents passing from person to person, requiring you to track versions and wait for everyone to take their turn, ultimately slowing things down.

With Magic Share, all you need is to get everyone on a video call, share the doc, and watch your team work together in real time while on the call, just as if you were around a table together, allowing for immediate feedback and collaboration.

This saves time, keeps everything in one place and gives leaders a bird's-eye view of progress.

We are truly excited to see how Magic Share impacts the way you work and collaborate.

In the near future, we'll continue to improve on Magic Share with add-ons like media controls, additional rich content options, and much more.

For more about Magic Share, check out our detailed help center page here.

If you'd like to dive straight into working better together with Lark, you can sign up now for free by clicking here.

Simultaneous collaboration has never been easier!

Dive straight into working better together with Lark

Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.

Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.

Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.