What's new in Lark! (July Edition)

What's new in Lark! (July Edition)

Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author
Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author

Ivy Yang

July 30, 2023


Jul 30, 2023


5 min read

Lark released some exciting new features this month to provide you with a more customizable experience 🎉! Personalize your surveys, add a Base dashboard to your Workplace, and customize boards even more than before. Learn more about them below!

📃 Customize surveys!

Available for Lark Free, Pro & Enterprise plans.

Lark Survey has been redesigned to integrate even better with your Base dashboard and has new customization features! Create a survey, add a background image, select a layout, and set the theme. After sending out the form, you can now use the Base dashboard to view and analyze survey responses to uncover deeper insights. Easily view the number of responses in real-time and automatically visualize results through word clouds, charts, and pie graphs.

Whether you're sending out forms to specific clients for input, to employees for receiving quarterly feedback, or to companies for collecting contact information, you can now customize and brand every survey to what fits best for each audience. And the best part: analyze your responses within seconds without any manual work so you can act upon results quicker and better.

✅ Add a Base Dashboard to a Workplace

Available for Lark Free, Pro & Enterprise plans.

Say hello to adding charts to your Workplace! Save time by accessing visualized Base data right from your Workplace homepage—and on any device—so there's no need to switch between different screens or apps.

Whether you're a CEO, store manager, or a retail assistant who wants to track how well you're meeting your sales goals, picture all real-time data like sales progress within seconds, even from your phone. That way, you can get a pulse on whether your business is doing well, if you need to improve any areas, and make data-backed, smart business decisions.

📝 Personalize your boards

Available for Lark Free, Pro & Enterprise plans.

We have some new features to help you make more edits to your boards! Adjust the opacity of shapes, add color fills to icon graphics, and create sections. By adding a section in your board, you can group all shapes inside so that they move together.

Now, easily and quickly format your board without the hassle of manually selecting everything. Plus, dividing the board into distinct sections makes it easier for your readers to consume and understand the board through a defined layout.

Check out our new features today in Lark - interested in trying out Lark for free? Contact our sales team today.

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