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How Lark is Helping One Indonesian Startup Take on the Big Boys

For Indonesia-based Weefer, Lark's robust suite of productivity tools has helped the company save time by centralizing data and processes so they can provide more value to their customers.

Robert Liandro


"We used to use all sorts of tools in the past but with Lark, when we use something that gives us a great experience, it makes us want to keep using the product."

Company Profile

PT Weefer Indonesia is an Information Technology and Services company located in Indonesia. We focus on helping businesses in digital transformation. We provide cloud-based systems to improve employee engagement & customer engagement, employee productivity with outstanding collaboration tool, and custom applications which can meet any business's needs.



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The Challenge

As a young startup, frugality is a key trait to have and as such Weefer had been experimenting with a variety of basic productivity tools. It used Gsuite on desktop and Whatsapp & Telegram on mobile.

This began to create a fragmented toolbox for the company, reducing efficiency especially as the company started to grow and more employees came on board.

Another big issue was that communication tools like Whatsapp and Telegram had little separation between personal and professional spheres meaning that data was often held by the individuals and not centralised. Without the centralisation of such data, Weefer ran into issues where an employee would leave the company and hold onto sensitive data.

The Lark Advantage

For Weefer, Lark offered a perfect mix of features at an affordable price point.

In particular, Lark’s all-in-one, cross-platform design meant that Weefer only ever to implement and maintain one piece of software instead of dozens.

Starting with a small demo of 5 employees over 2 weeks, Weefer quickly saw the advantages of Lark and very soon, implemented it across the company.

In particular, Weefer appreciated Lark’s ability to act as a control centre for all other applications that was as effective from a macro scale, overlooking entire streams of projects to the ability to go really micro and focus on small facets of individual projects.

Lark’s centralisation of data and as well as the powerful mobile application meant that Weefer no longer needed to use Whatsapp or other such chat programs, keeping important data in the company’s hands.

The Result

The teams within Weefer that have started using Lark have found greater efficiency and reduced the number of separate applications they need.

In just a short time, Lark has achieved a 98.5 percent active rate among Weefer’s team and everyday, users are discovering more of Lark’s advanced features.

With the time saved, Weefer’s team is able to devote more time to customers and as such, the company has reported a rise in customer satisfaction.

Another big hit for Weefer was the ability of users in Lark to build applications natively or add in one of hundreds of third part apps from the best developers in the world.

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Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.

Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.


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Lark, bringing it all together

All you need is the Internet and Lark.