Why Lark Base is the ultimate project management tool

Why Lark Base is the ultimate project management tool

Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author
Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author

Ivy Yang

February 12, 2023


Feb 12, 2023


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The past year has brought on what some would call the 4th Industrial Revolution. Innovative products across verticals - healthcare, technology, retail, ecommerce and more - are bursting onto the scene, setting new standards for consumer purchase decisions and paving the way for a more robust global economy. While such breakthroughs are often credited to larger companies or organizations, project managers have become their unsung heroes.

Did you know that organizations that fail to properly integrate project management into their strategies will see their outright project failure rate increase by a factor of 2/3? That's why project managers need the proper tools and resources in place to help them succeed.

Key to good project management is its underlying software. Currently, just under 1 in 4 organizations use any kind of project management software, yet organizations report 11.4% of all resources being wasted due to inferior project management processes. Lark recognizes this gap and takes efficient project management one step further with Base.

What is Base?

Base is an innovative sheet-based database that facilitates structured organization of content. It helps users display the single source of truth in different views. It also adds flexibility and efficiency to project management, with easier to-do lists and clearer and better targeted information collection, allowing users' work efficiency to soar. Base has a wide range of application scenarios, which can be used in task management, CRM, recruiting management, content creation and more. It is integrated with Lark directly, so you can easily start tracking your projects today in docs or spreadsheets.

Different Views for Different Needs

What makes Base so special? Aside from its flexible and efficient management systems, it offers different views to fit users' specific needs. You can create multiple types of views for a table to display one data source in different ways. Each table can be displayed in four view types: Grid View, Kanban View, Gantt View and Gallery View.

Grid view allows you to add, edit, delete and manage fields and records.

Grid view, the most closely aligned to a traditional spreadsheet, provides a holistic view of an entire project. This view is generally used to create or adjust the table structure as it allows you to quickly add and move fields and input data efficiently. At the same time, it allows you to break down tasks into rows and columns, tag departments and team members, paste images and link to other documents within Lark. It's easy-to-read and more traditional setup means teams can effectively interpret tasks and provide updates on a regular basis.

Kanban view shows every record as a card, and groups them by conditions in multiple lines.

Unique to Base, Kanban view provides all the same benefits of the Grid view, but can be used to group and organize data records based on your grouping criteria. In Kanban view, data of the same category is listed in the same column. You can drag a Kanban card to update data to the latest version, and changes in any view will be synced to all other views under the same data table in real time. Kanban view is useful for individual management of members, candidates, and tasks.

Gantt view allows you to check project timelines and drag timelines to edit their start and end dates.

What's more indicative of task management than a timeline? Gantt view displays the progress of every task with a time bar and is useful for project management. Users can drag and move the time bar to modify time periods and click on the Gantt view configuration icon to further customize the time bar color and other information. Using Gantt view, users can understand their tasks by deadline and better prioritize their work.

Gallery view helps create a gallery for images, PDFs and other documentation

Did you know that 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual? Base realizes that everyone digests information differently. Gallery view visualizes records that contain images, videos, or other attachments in the table to make content management more intuitive.

Advanced access management

Another essential component of project management is data. Not just its presence, but its meaning. Base provides premium data management tools so that users can easily locate and understand the data they need to reach and optimize goals.

Grouping conditions arrange data as you need

Use the Group feature to set any field as a grouping condition. Data will be automatically categorized accordingly and you can continue to add more grouping conditions to refine data grouping.

Filter your data to uncover trends

Using the Filter toolbar you can select any field, and search for an option as a filtering condition. Base will then automatically display data that matches the condition. You can add more filtering conditions to narrow down your search and precisely locate target data.

Sorting keeps your data organized and digestible

You can sort your records so that they appear in a particular order according to the values in specific fields. Sorting your records in one view doesn't affect the order of records in other views—it just applies to the view you're currently using to look at your table.

Project management is arguably the backbone of any new product or innovation. It requires detail, organization and importantly, efficient tools. The technology that powers Lark Base goes beyond that offered by ordinary project management tools, providing users with a range of features that let them easily track progress, collaborate with team members, and uncover findings through data.

It's varying views cater to the needs of different groups making assignments understandable for all types of learners while its data management tools mean anyone is able to arrange, filter and sort data to better analyze trends and ultimately develop more precise and relevant products for consumers today and in the future.

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