17 Best AI Note-Taking Tools Available [2024 Update]

17 Best AI Note-Taking Tools Available [2024 Update]

Ethan Miller

April 15, 2024


Apr 15, 2024


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An AI application for taking notes
An AI application for taking notes
An AI application for taking notes
An AI application for taking notes

Drowning in note-taking during meetings can be a barrier to learning and participation.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative: AI note-taking apps. These tools take notes for you, letting you remain fully present in the session at hand.

This article features 17 of the best AI note-taking apps on the market, broken down into categories. Let’s jump right in.

17 best AI note-taking tools to try in 2024

The apps discussed here are divided into three categories: for business, for academics, and for personal productivity. Let’s take a look.

Business-oriented AI note-taking tools

We’ll start with five business-oriented note-taking apps that can boost team productivity and effectiveness.

1. Best for international teams: Lark Minutes

Lark Minutes shines in enabling seamless communication for global teams. It offers real-time transcription and translation that keeps each team member in the loop, regardless of their spoken language. Specifically, it’s capable of translating over 100 languages into 19 target languages.

Screenshot of Lark Minutes interface

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Lark Minutes integrates effortlessly with Lark's comprehensive suite, including Docs, Meetings, Calendar, and Email. It provides a cohesive platform for collaboration and meeting manager software.

This tool's ability to summarize discussions helps teams ensure that crucial points and actions are efficiently highlighted for review.

Key features:

  • Unified workspace for messaging, video conferencing, and collaborative document editing

  • Real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

  • Built-in calendar for scheduling meetings and events

  • AI-powered productivity tools for task management and file organization


  • Brings essential tools together into one streamlined interface

  • Breaks down language barriers through automatic translation

  • Generates concise summaries, capturing key points to enhance follow-up efficiency


  • New users may need time to navigate the extensive range of features to maximize the platform’s potential

  • Might be a learning curve transitioning from other collaboration tools, though Lark has robust onboarding resources

Pricing and free trial information:

A free starter plan is available for up to 50 users. It includes 100 GB of storage and automatic language translation.

The pro plan is $12 per user per month for up to 500 users. It adds unlimited Wiki, 1 TB of storage, and enhanced video conferencing.

Custom solutions are available for large organizations that need extensive storage and advanced security.

Reviews: Lark Minutes boasts a 4.6-star rating (out of 5) on G2 and 4.9 on the App Store. It’s praised for revolutionizing communication and project management for distributed teams. Reviews often highlight the platform’s all-in-one convenience for businesses.

2. Best for meeting summarization: Fireflies.ai

Fireflies.ai automates the transcription and summarization of meetings. It acts as an AI meeting assistant and streamlines workflows with helpful collaboration features.

Screenshot of Fireflies.ai interface

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Fireflies.ai is designed for all knowledge workers. It can make your meetings more productive, whether you’re in sales, engineering, recruiting, or another field entirely.

Key features:

  • Helps teams capture, transcribe, and summarize meetings

  • Can transcribe both video and audio, generating transcripts within minutes

  • AI-powered search feature allows for quick meeting review


  • Works well across multiple video-conferencing apps

  • Transforms hours of meeting audio into digestible summaries

  • Offers tools for team engagement, such as the ability to add comments and share highlights


  • Vast amount of data captured can be tricky to navigate

  • Storing sensitive discussions on third-party servers may raise concerns for some users

Pricing and free trial information:

Fireflies.ai offers a free plan with unlimited transcription but with limitations on AI summaries.

The pro plan, which provides unlimited AI summaries and significantly more storage, is priced at $10 per user per month.

The business and enterprise plans start at $19 and $39 per user per month, respectively.


Fireflies.ai has received praise for its transcription and summarization capabilities.

While the accuracy of transcriptions is occasionally mentioned as an area for improvement, the overall sentiment is positive.

Business professional and robot collaborating

3. Best for CRM integration: Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein integrates artificial intelligence with your CRM to enhance note-taking and customer interactions. It offers a suite of tools designed to improve efficiency and customer understanding.

Screenshots of Salesforce Einstein interface

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Key features:

  • Einstein Discovery: Provides insights and recommendations directly within Salesforce

  • Einstein Prediction Builder: Allows AI models to predict customer behaviors like churn

  • Einstein Next Best Action: Suggests the most effective actions based on customer history


  • Allows businesses to make informed decisions quickly with AI-driven insights

  • Helps anticipate customer needs and behaviors

  • Automates and simplifies processes via AI integration


  • Range of features and AI integration may require new users to need extra training

  • Cost of integrating it with existing systems can be high for small businesses

Pricing and free trial information:

Salesforce Einstein has many platform editions, so the pricing varies. Potential customers should consult the company’s website for more pricing details.

As an example, the small business edition starts at $24 per user per month.

Salesforce offers a free trial of its platform, including limited Einstein features.

Users appreciate Salesforce Einstein’s ability to build custom predictions. It also works with predictive insights and uses AI across workflows.

While some new users find the initial learning curve steep, the overall sentiment is that Salesforce Einstein is a valuable tool.

4. Best for real-time collaboration: Google Workspace

Google Workspace combines professional email with collaborative tools like Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Meet. It streamlines business operations with cloud-based efficiency and generative AI capabilities.

Screenshots of Google Workspace interface

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Key features:

  • Provides custom email addresses using domain names

  • Includes well-known tools that are connected thoughtfully for an efficient workflow

  • Has enterprise-grade security to protect your business information and data


  • Comprehensive suite of productivity tools caters to various business needs

  • Robust security features protect sensitive data and ensure privacy


  • Is not exclusively a note-taking app and, as a result, lacks some functions that other apps have

  • While convenient, may not be as complex as its competition since it’s a web-based app

Pricing and free trial information:

Google Workspace offers a 14-day free trial. Pricing starts at $6 per user per month for the Business Starter plan. Higher-tier plans offer increased storage, more meeting participants, and advanced features.


Users are highly satisfied with Google Workspace, giving it a 4.6 rating on G2. They praise the efficient collaboration it enables. Some users also mention the learning curve required and the need for more customization options.

5. Best for translating language: DeepL

DeepL provides machine translation technology. It’s ideal for businesses that aim to incorporate high-quality translation directly into their products and platforms.

Image from DeepL webpage

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In other words, DeepL helps ensure your applications can communicate effectively across language barriers.

Key features:

  • Offers top-notch translation using advanced machine learning

  • Supports document translation for a variety of file formats

  • Includes formality settings to tailor translation tone for languages with formal/informal nuances

  • Provides automatic language detection for efficient translation


  • Exceptional translation accuracy and fluency

  • Comprehensive API documentation and support

  • Customizable features and cost management options for tailored use


  • Free plan comes with a monthly character limit, which might be limiting for extensive translation needs

  • Advanced features and maximum data security are reserved for the Pro plan, which requires subscription fees

Pricing and free trial information:

DeepL offers a free plan with limited features. A pro plan starts at $8.74 per user per month. Custom pricing is available for large-scale or long-term API projects.

Reviews: DeepL is highly praised in its G2 reviews for exceptional translation accuracy. Users highlight its ease of use. Some, however, note occasional server accessibility issues and gender confusion in translations.

Academic and research AI note-taking tools

The next four apps are especially competitive solutions for supporting academics and research processes.

College students take notes

6. Best for lecture capturing: Microsoft OneNote with Copilot

Microsoft OneNote is a dynamic digital note-taking app. Teammates can collaborate on it, and individuals can organize notes, projects, and data with an array of formatting options.

Screenshot of Microsoft OneNote interface

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Key features:

  • High-quality audio and video recording for capturing lectures.

  • Handwriting recognition and digital ink for touch-enabled devices


  • Solid synchronization that provides access to notes from anywhere

  • Advanced search capabilities for quick retrieval of information

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface


  • Comprehensive feature set might initially discourage new users

  • Access to the full suite of features requires a special Copilot license

Pricing and free trial information:

There’s a free version available on the web, but it has limitations. The Copilot Pro Plan starts at $20 per user per month. Copilot Pro for Microsoft 365 starts at $30 per user per month.


Microsoft OneNote garners high praise for its versatile note-taking and organizational capabilities. Some users mention the learning curve required and the need for more advanced features in the mobile version.

7. Best for research interviews: Otter.ai

Otter.ai transforms the way meetings and research interviews are documented. It uses AI to deliver real-time transcriptions and automated summaries, making sure no detail is missed.

Screenshot of Otter.ai interface

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Key features:

  • Joins Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings to take notes automatically.

  • Chat function creates emails and status updates

  • Generates 30-second meeting summaries and posts notes to Slack channels


  • Participants can focus on the discussion instead of taking notes

  • Summaries and action items ensure easy recall and accountability

  • Free plan is adequate for many individuals


  • Only captures English and may struggle with regional dialects or accents

  • Requires a stable internet connection for real-time transcription

Pricing and free trial information:

Otter.ai offers a free version. Paid plans with more features start at $10 per user per month. A free trial is available for prospective users to test the premium plans’ full capabilities.


Users commend Otter.ai’s accurate, real-time transcriptions. Highlights include OtterPilot for auto-joining meetings and generating summaries. However, some users note occasional inaccuracies due to noisy environments or accents.

8. Best for bibliography and citation management: Zotero

Zotero’s robust features revolutionize research management. The app incorporates AI capabilities into its platform.

Screenshot of Zotero interface

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Zotero aims to streamline the research process, offering a range of intelligent features to aid researchers across disciplines.

Key features:

  • Quick generation of accurate citations in various styles

  • Makes concise summaries of lengthy documents for efficient review

  • Automatically extracts relevant keywords for optimized search

  • Offers advanced search and filtering options


  • AI-driven automation that makes citation and document summarization a breeze

  • Keyword extraction and tagging features that make organizing content easy

  • Personalized recommendations based on user preferences to help users discover relevant research materials


  • User interface can be dense and hard to navigate.

  • Over-reliance on automated functions may hinder critical thinking and analysis

Pricing and free trial information:

Zotero is free and open-source. Its free version has AI-enhanced features and basic functions.

Advanced features and storage options are available starting at $20 per year.


Zotero is praised for its efficiency in managing references and citations. However, some users find its user interface outdated, and occasional syncing issues have been reported.

9. Best for knowledge management: Obsidian

Obsidian is a flexible writing app that adapts to your unique thinking process. It empowers you to organize your ideas and cultivate creativity.

AI plugins make Obsidian a powerful platform for knowledge management.

Screenshots of Obsidian interface

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Key features:

  • Create and organize notes effortlessly with an intuitive interface

  • Easily link related notes using wiki-style links for a cohesive knowledge base

  • Access notes from any device, with support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android


  • Has a customizable note structure

  • Uses markdown formatting for efficient note-taking

  • Lets users visualize relationships with interactive graphs and an infinite canvas

  • Has a wide range of community-developed plugins for users to tailor to their needs


  • Lacks built-in collaboration tools

  • Reliance on local storage may limit accessibility for some users

Pricing and free trial information:

Obsidian is free for personal use. Plans for commercial use start at $50 per user per year. Multiple add-ons are available.

Users praise Obsidian’s ability to track activities and manage pipelines. They appreciate its ease of use and comprehensive features. Some want more reviews to give them better purchasing insights.

Personal productivity AI note-taking tools

We'll now cover five apps that transform personal workflows and boost productivity at home and in our personal lives.

10. Best for daily planning and reminders: Any.do

Any.do leverages AI to help users manage tasks, family projects, and team workloads.

Screenshots of Any.do interface

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Trusted by many, Any.do stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness in daily planning and reminders. Its AI suggestions can help optimize your schedule and keep you on top of your tasks.

Key features:

  • Simplifies task management with easy organization

  • Combines all events and tasks in one place

  • Helps users turbocharge their productivity with AI suggestions for task management

  • Offers Kanban and calendar views for teams to visualize workflows


  • Simplifies task management for individuals, families, and teams

  • AI suggestions save time and boost efficiency in planning

  • Extensive devices can sync with the app


  • Has fewer features than some other apps

  • Dependence on third-party integrations can confuse less tech-savvy users

Pricing and free trial information:

Any.do has a free plan for personal use that includes basic task management features and AI suggestions. Advanced plans start at $5 per month.


Any.do has received positive reviews for its simple, user-friendly interface and effective task management abilities across platforms. Users appreciate the app’s helpful reminders, deadline settings, and connection with Google Calendar.

11. Best for creative writing: Scrivener

Scrivener caters to writers of all types. Specifically, it helps writers create and structure long documents.

Screenshots of Scrivener interface

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Scrivener uses AI to enhance the creative process. This makes it a great tool for novelists, screenwriters, and academics.

Key features:

  • Unique ring binder format allows for easy organization and reorganization of material

  • Plan and rearrange projects with virtual index cards and a powerful outliner


  • Offers unparalleled organization tools for long writing projects

  • Integrates research materials directly into the writing workspace

  • Includes AI support to streamline the writing process


  • Amount of features and learning required means it’s not the most beginner-friendly tool

  • Effective use of AI may require a learning curve

Pricing and free trial information:

Scrivener provides a 30-day free trial.

Users can purchase Scrivener for a one-time fee. Standard licenses for macOS and Windows cost $59.99.


Users are happy with Scrivener’s robust, versatile capabilities for writers of all genres. The app is celebrated for the flexibility it offers to structure and manage large writing projects. That said, many users note its steep learning curve.

12. Best for journaling: Reflect

Reflect is a great way to incorporate AI into advanced journaling. It offers a way to organize thoughts, notes, and ideas in one place.

Screenshot of Reflect interface

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Reflect acts as an intellectual partner, leveraging ChatGPT-4 and Whisper from OpenAI. It analyzes a piece of writing’s mood and improves its clarity.

Key features:

  • Creates a web of ideas with backlinked notes for easy navigation

  • End-to-end encryption keeps your notes private and secure

  • Helps manage meetings and agendas


  • Enhanced writing and mood analysis

  • Has a streamlined interface for improving focus

  • Intuitively designed for easy note organization and recall


  • Lacks extensive formatting capabilities

  • Lacks built-in collaboration tools

Pricing and free trial information:

Reflect offers one plan for one price at $10 per month.

A two-week free trial is available to test the software before committing.


Reflect receives acclaim for its simplicity, speed, and innovation in note-taking. Users appreciate its user-friendly approach and its ability to streamline workflows.

Individual improves productivity with AI

13. Best for content creation: Notion

Notion AI enhances the content creation process through a unified workspace. It uses AI to improve work quality and speed.

Screenshot of Notion interface

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Notion AI’s suite of tools supports various content creation needs, from document management to project planning and beyond. For example, it can help you write a meeting agenda.

Key features:

  • Provides insights, drafts content, and answers queries

  • Combines docs, wikis, projects, and calendars in one platform

  • Simplifies project management with intuitive organization and tracking tools


  • AI-driven features improve content quality and creativity

  • Is highly customizable for various content and project types

  • Allows users to work together in real-time via comments and shared workspaces


  • Not the most robust for extensive project management needs

  • Comes with a learning curve to use AI capabilities and features to their fullest

Pricing and free trial information:

Notion offers a free basic version that’s ideal for personal use.

For professional use, plans start at $8 per user per month. Enterprise solutions are available through their sales team.


Notion has received positive reviews for its versatility, user-friendly interface, and customization options. Despite its learning curve, users appreciate its comprehensive suite of tools for task management and note-taking.

14. Best for brainstorming: MindMeister

MindMeister stands out as a smart tool for brainstorming. It leverages the power of mind mapping to unlock creativity and productivity.

Image from Mindmeister webpage

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It provides a collaborative environment where ideas can be visualized, managed, and shared seamlessly.

Key features:

  • Custom styles and mixed map layouts

  • Toggle between list or mind map views to concentrate on specific ideas

  • Add context to ideas with links, attachments, and media embeds

  • MeisterTask seamlessly turns mind maps into actionable tasks


  • Mind mapping that connects ideas visually

  • Comments and notifications that make it easy to work with team members on projects

  • Flexible note-taking that caters to different preferences


  • Requires a stable internet connection to use

  • May have more features and options than necessary for straightforward brainstorming sessions

Pricing and free trial information:

MindMeister offers users the option to create their first three mind maps for free.

The personal plan offers unlimited mind maps for $6 per user per month. Team plans start at $10 per user per month.


MindMeister is respected for its ability to improve creativity and productivity. Users appreciate its easy-to-use, customizable interface. Some users note limitations in the free version and a desire for more design elements.

Specialized AI note-taking tools

The last three tools on our list showcase the impact that note-taking apps can have on specific industries.

15. Best for legal professionals: Casetext with CoCounsel AI

ChatGPT-4 powers CoCounsel AI and is tailored to the legal industry. It offers a groundbreaking approach to handling legal documents, transforming legal research, document review, and client service by supporting speed and precision.

Screenshot of CoCounsel AI interface

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Key features:

  • AI-driven document review that provides answers with source citations

  • Generates deposition outlines and questions based on case specifics

  • AI searches through documents to find relevant templates or precedents


  • Accelerates research and review processes so that lawyers can focus on higher-level tasks

  • Enhances the accuracy of document analysis and legal research

  • Enables lawyers to handle more work and improve client service with quicker turnaround


  • New users may need time to adapt to AI-powered legal tools

  • Subscription pricing may be a barrier for solo practitioners or smaller firms

Pricing and free trial information:

A free trial is available. Subscription starts at $250 per license per month. Pricing is tailored to firm size and specific needs.


CoCounsel by Casetext is well-regarded for its comprehensive, cost-effective legal research capabilities. Reviewers appreciate the valuable time it saves without compromising on the quality of its legal research. However, some users mention the need for more state-specific forms.

16. Best for healthcare professionals: Nuance Dragon Medical One

Nuance Dragon Medical One is a strong solution for healthcare professionals. Its speech-driven capabilities help with clinical documentation across the healthcare spectrum.

Screenshot of Nuance Dragon Medical One interface

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Key features:

  • Advanced speech recognition that makes it effective for all users

  • Easy navigation and formatting of notes using natural language

  • Analytic insights and peer benchmarking that help monitor and enhance performance


  • Improved efficiency for documentation, saving healthcare organizations time

  • High accuracy and user satisfaction with speech recognition

  • Dictation can be done anywhere and anytime using a smartphone


  • Implementation fee and subscription cost might be steep for smaller practices

  • Requires a stable internet connection for best performance due to being cloud-based

Pricing and free trial Information:

Each license requires a one-time $525 fee for installation and setup. Plans start at $99 per month. Discounts are available for longer-term commitments.


Users appreciate Nuance Dragon Medical One’s adaptability to accents and the efficiency it brings to documentation tasks. However, some users mention occasional inaccuracies.

17. Best for technical and engineering fields: MATLAB

MATLAB is a high-level programming and numeric computing platform designed for engineers and scientists. Professionals can use it to sift through data, create algorithms, or build models.

Screenshot of MATLAB interface

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Key features:

  • Tools for exploring, modeling, and visualizing data

  • Capable of creating scripts, functions, and classes on both desktop and web apps


  • Offers tools for almost every type of technical computation and data analysis

  • Easily scales from desktop to cloud environments, enabling large-scale computations

  • Supports interfacing with other languages and hardware


  • Vast range of functionalities can be overwhelming for new users

  • Can be expensive for individual and commercial users outside academic settings

Pricing and free trial information:

MATLAB offers a free 30-day trial to get started. They also have many pricing plans, depending on the intended use. For example, personal plans are $149 per year.


Users appreciate MATLAB’s vast library and add-ons across various technology fields. While there are some concerns over cost and loading times, it’s lauded for its versatility and support of engineering and science.

What will AI note-taking tools look like in the future?

AI note-taking tools are expected to offer new features and capabilities in the coming years. They’ll fundamentally change how we capture and interact with information.

They’ll likely feature more accurate sentiment detection to decode the emotional undercurrents of conversation.

Worker benefits from technology improvements

In addition, translation will likely see vast improvements in terms of accuracy and speed. Plus, smarter algorithms will boil down lengthy discussions and summarize better action items.

These apps will be better incorporated into everyday tasks. Expect them to:

  • Schedule meetings

  • Set reminders

  • Generate to-do lists

Why not try out Lark’s Weekly To-Do List template or Goal Review and Replay template to help you get through your daily responsibilities with ease?

Widespread adoption of AI note-taking tools may change educational settings, possibly reducing the need for manual note-taking in classrooms and shifting the focus instead to more interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Business culture will also change. Meetings could become more efficient and inclusive, with AI ensuring documentation and follow-up are comprehensive.

Transform your notes with Lark

AI note-taking apps are not only here to stay but also bound to improve.

When it comes to business meetings, especially for international teams, Lark Minutes is a powerful choice. You can leave behind rushed, messy note-taking. Lark offers multilingual support and efficient meeting playback for seamless collaboration.

Try Lark Minutes for free, or contact us to learn more. We can’t wait to help you transform your note-taking and elevate your team’s productivity.