Introducing the new and impoved Lark

Introducing the new and impoved Lark

Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author
Portrait of Ivee Yang Lark's Author

Ivy Yang

May 1, 2022



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In 2021, Lark became stronger as thousands of businesses all over the world began to take advantage of our powerful all-in-one collaboration platform to navigate the new digital paradigm.

With 2022 just around the corner, we want to share an update on how things are going with us here at Team Lark as well as some amazing new features and updates to keep you collaborating, communicating and building the best teams.

Most of these updates will launch with Version 5.0 so make sure you keep your Lark App updated to take advantage of these new features.

New Look

If you have noticed your usual Lark app looking different, fear not, it is merely part of a new and improved user experience.

This new design language represents Lark's focus on its key pillars of collaboration, communication and innovation, giving users an experience that evolves with them in the new digital age.

With its sweeping angles and calm colors, the refreshed Lark logo represents our vision of Lark as the nexus of our key pillars allowing businesses to navigate an ever-more tumultuous business landscape through the power of connected technology.

This new design language will become part of Messenger, Calendar, Video Conferencing and the other Lark applications you know and love.

Key Feature Changes

Improved Sidebar Navigation

You can now drag and drop applications on the navigation bar according to usage frequency or personal preference so that they can either be displayed first or simply hidden. You can also expand or close the navigation bar as well as display or hide the application name as needed.

Always-on Universal Search

Lark's universal search function - which allows you to search for anything on Lark, including messages, contacts, docs and more - now appears at the top of your Lark app so that you can more easily access this powerful tool.

Going back has never been so easy

Ever wish Lark had a "History" feature to help you easily jump to a chat, doc or email you were working on? Well, wish no more. Now, the desktop app allows you to open your history through the following commands: <Cmd + Y> or <Ctrl + H>. Doing so makes your Lark history easily accessible so you can better keep track of your tasks.

Custom personal status

You can click the profile photo > status button to open a new personal status. Each state has a corresponding state description and tag. When enabled, the status flag will be displayed to the right of your name so that others can quickly understand your current situation. In addition, your meeting status will be automatically synchronized so your team will always know the best time to get in touch with you.

Profile Page background

With Lark's latest updates, you can give your personal profile a bit more personality by uploading an image to serve as your profile background.

A Smarter Base

Base, our next generation database and project management solution, built right into Lark Docs, will also be receiving a host of upgrades.

Base owners can now click the 🤖 ️robot button in the upper right corner of the table to create simple, effective process automation.

Once you set the trigger condition and perform the operation, the system will automatically perform the operation according to the condition.

For example, the person in charge will automatically be notified when the task changes, and the person in charge will automatically be reminded before the task deadline, saving time and improving efficiency.

Improved Base permissions

Base owners can now enable advanced permissions in the upper right corner of the table. You can customize user groups to grant different table reading or editing permissions for different user groups and further set the rows that they can view and edit or limit the columns that they can edit.

As Base continues to grow as an amazing project management solution, these changes can help you mitigate risk and enhance data security.

Dark Mode and new themes (coming soon)

One of our most common requests has been an app-wide Dark Mode. With Version 5, we are pleased to announce a fully fleshed-out Dark Mode for Lark, as well as three new color themes. Now you can simply choose the Lark experience that suits you best. Be it bright and white, or calm and dark, you can now truly make Lark your own.

These are just a handful of the new features that we will be rolling out in 2022 along with improvements to Attendance, Service Desk and Forms. To learn more, head over to our website at or our social channels. To see the full release notes of version 5.0, check out (link here)

Moving Forward

With so much to look forward to, it's no wonder that so many innovative digital businesses are embracing the Lark way of work. As a digital business ourselves, we face many of the problems you face and we constantly do our best to keep Lark effective. If you have any suggestions, feature ideas or if you are interested in getting your business on Lark, please do drop us a line at

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